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5 Free Finding Missing Number in Circle Puzzle Worksheets

My little girl loves finding the missing number in circle puzzles. She enjoys learning puzzles and celebrating when they are complete.

A circle puzzle is a game, problem, or numerical question that challenges one’s thinking or understanding.

5 Exciting Worksheets for Finding Missing Number in Circle Puzzle

I think education needs to be fun and interesting.

My intention is to reduce the burden on teachers or parents by providing engaging learning experiences. That’s why I do some exercises to help our children learn more about puzzles.

Download the following worksheets and practice more.

Finding Missing Number in Circle Puzzle

Completing Circle

Worksheet #1

Missing Number

Worksheet #2

Finding Product

Worksheet #3

Division Puzzle

Worksheet #4


Worksheet #5

Complete the Missing Circle

  • Gather all the children.
  • Give them a worksheet.
  • The first puzzle is done by the parents or teachers.
  • The first circle is divided into four parts.
  • We add up the upper parts and the lower left part, and it will be 4+1+5.
  • After that, the answer will write on the right side of the lower circle which is 10.
  • Then, students will start the calculation one by one. You will ensure that every child is participating in the calculation.
  • After that, when the calculation is done, check the result.

Complete the Missing Circle puzzle

Now download the free worksheet for more practice.

Find the Missing Number

  • First, look at the first problem. To get the missing number, we will find the method.
  • In the first two circles, the subtraction of the upper parts and the lower parts are the same.
  • For the third circle, 12-3= 9. So, the subtraction of the lower part will be the same as 9.
  • Thus, the answer is 9.

Find the Missing Number in circle puzzle

Now download the free worksheet for more practice.

What Is the Product?

  • Give the students a worksheet.
  • Ask them to find the product.
  • Here, the numbers of the upper parts of the circles are multiplied.
  • The answer is written in the lower part.
  • Thus, the answer to the third circle is 7*3=21.

Division Puzzle

  • Now, it’s time to solve the problems of division.
  • First, look at the solved problem.
  • Here, the outer numbers of the circle are divisor and dividend. 
  • So, it becomes 14/7=24/12 and the answer is written inside the circle.
  • Thus the answer is 3 for the second circle.

Solving Division Puzzle

Download Free Worksheet with Answer

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children.

Playing games with kids to help them practice missing number in circle puzzles is a terrific idea.

The PDF also contains a lot of exercises about various kinds of basic math operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, riddles, etc., along with an answer sheet.

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