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Adding and Subtracting Game | Movement Game | Free Printable

This adding and subtracting game will get children adding, subtracting, creating, and solving expressions, and burning off extra energy!

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We love being outside, and we try to make that a part of our day as long as the weather permits. When the high is 33 and the wind is whipping around you, I often find myself passing on that particular routine.

When I find myself skipping our daily dose of vitamin D, there will be some point during the day when the energy will come out.

With three rambunctious little boys, there will be a game of tag, wrestling, or whatever else their creative minds can come up with filling my home.

While I’m normally fine with that, I decided to create a game that would allow them to get some energy out in an organized way.

Adding and subtracting games printable with game pieces.

Adding Numbers from 1 to 100

On a particularly cold afternoon, we pulled out Wiggle to 100 – an adding and subtracting movement game. My kiddos love games, so even if there is some “learning” happening, they really don’t care.

They excitedly separated the pieces and were ready to get started.

We first talked about expressions. I explained they were a lot like equations, but they don’t have an answer. I asked them to draw two number cards and one operation sign card. I then had them create their expression.

Subtraction Expressions

As we all know, making an adding expression is easy. In subtraction though, you have to have the larger number first. Well, you have to do that if you want to have a positive number and my kindergarten student is not quite ready for negative numbers.

I expected to have to discuss this as they made the equations, and I was right. It came about a little different than I thought.

With my four-year-old, I just corrected it and said, “Remember the larger number needs to come first.” He would point out the largest number and we would fix it.

My 5-year-old would actually say it correctly every single time, but his expression would not match what he was saying. I never had to explain to him why the larger number goes first, he instinctively did it.

What we did have to go over is, that we read expressions the same way we read a book, from left to right. I always love the surprises that come when teaching.

You just never know where there are gaps and misunderstandings.

The next step was to solve the expression. My kindergartener was pretty much able to do this on his own. I loved the fact that when he couldn’t do it in his head, he was using our game board, the hundreds chart, to help him solve his expression.

If you are playing with little ones, I would highly recommend having some type of manipulatives with you. I used my fingers to help my four-year-old solve his expressions.

Thinking back on it, he would have done great with math link cubesplastic counting bears, counting rods, etc so he could do it on his own.

Adding and subtracting games printable with game pieces.

Movement Math Games

Now came the fun part!!! We drew a white card (this had our actions on it). Whatever was the solution to their expression was how many times they had to do the action.

The kindergartner got running around our kitchen, and with a laugh, he took off running. The little four-year-old had to kick and touch his toes.

After getting a few wiggles out, the final step is to move up on the hundreds chart. If you were able to complete your challenge, then you get to move up on the hundreds chart based on the solution to your expression.

Wiggle 0 to 100

  1. First, print off the hundreds chart and movement cards. I recommend using card stock as it lasts longer.
  2. Next, print off the number cards on colored paper, and print off the operation sign cards on a different colored paper.
  3. Cut out the numbers, operation cards, and movement cards.
  4. Finally, gather up game piece.

Subtracting Game: How to Play

  1. First, sort out the game cards into three piles.
  2. Allow both players to pick up two number cards and one operations card.
  3. Have the children create an expression.
  4. Next, the children solve the expression.
  5. When they have correctly solved the expression, they draw a movement card. They then do what the card says using the answer they just found to guide them in how many they should do.
  6. If they complete their exercise they may move up the hundreds board based on the answer to their expressions.
  7. The first person to 100 wins.

The boys fully enjoyed this, and as soon as we were done asked to play it again.

Of course, we will!! I can’t say no to this adding and subtracting movement game that works on expressions, adding and subtracting, hundreds chart, and burning off some energy!!

Adding and Subtracting Game Printable

The free adding and subtracting game printable is below. You can download it by clicking on the download icon and saving it to your device and then printing it.

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