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9 Free Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers Worksheets

For students in grades 1 to Grade 3, counting numbers is important. For them, a hundreds chart with missing numbers worksheets will be helpful to become more skillful in the essential mathematical operation.

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9 Free Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers Worksheets

Download the following worksheets and practice.

9 Free Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers Worksheets

Find the Missing No.

Worksheet #1

Solve the Puzzle

Worksheet #2

More or Less Numbers

Worksheet #3

Fill the Chart

Worksheet #4

Place Value

Worksheet #5

Multiples of 2s & 3s

Worksheet #6

Mystery Pictures

Worksheet #7


Worksheet #8

Find the Patterns

Worksheet #9

The activities mentioned in this article are very interactive and exciting. When the students get into the activities, they will need to think themselves which will develop their thought process, increase their IQ, and enhance their mathematical number sense.

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How to Use a Hundreds Chart

We can use a hundred chart in many ways. A hundred chart is a chart where numbers are written from 1 to 100. This hundred chart can be used to make some exciting games. We have introduced 9 interesting games in this article by using this hundred chart. A Complete Hundreds Chart

9 Fun Activities to Find Missing Numbers in a Hundreds Chart

These hundreds chart with missing numbers activities in pdf format can help our children learn the basics of mathematics fast and actively. Follow the activities and have fun with your children.

Find the Missing Numbers Up to the Hundred in a Hundreds Chart

In this activity, you will find the missing numbers of the hundred chart. The charts are given in two ways. Follow the activities given below.

Find the Missing Numbers from 1-100

Here the chart is given from 1-100. The missing numbers should be identified by your kiddos.

Find the Missing Numbers from 1-100

Find the Missing Numbers from 100-1

The chart is given here from 100-1. So, your kiddos need to find the missing numbers from 100 to 1. Make sure they are filling in the blanks correctly.

Find the Missing Numbers from 100-1

Find the Missing Number and Solve the Puzzle in the Hundreds Chart

Your child needs to use the hundred chart here to fill in the blanks. You can see some blanks here and one number is given in every blank. Make your children detect the number. Then if the blank is left or right from the given number, detect the previous and next number of the given number for the two blanks respectively.

Find the Missing Numbers and solve the puzzle

Find the More or Less Numbers in a Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers

Here you can see another type of blank and one number is given. You need to find one less, one more, ten less, and ten more for the left, right, top, and down blanks in a hundreds chart with missing numbers. You can also set the whole blank system in a hundred chart and find the answers easily.

Find the more or less numbers in the hundreds chart with missing numbers

Fill the Hundred Blank Chart

This chart is fully blank as you can see. Only the first and last numbers are given. Your child needs to write all the numbers in the blank boxes serially. After writing all the numbers, you will find a set of the hundred-number chart. This activity will increase the number sense of your kiddos.

Fill the hundreds blank chart with missing numbers

Place Value in Hundreds Chart

You can see a set of blanks and a number is given. You will place the value by positioning the blanks on the hundred chart or can calculate manually. My recommendation is to calculate the chart manually. This manual operation will increase your kiddie’s intelligence.

Place value in hundreds chart with missing numbers

Multiples of 2 and 3 Hundred Chart

In this worksheet, you will find the hundreds chart with several blanks. One chart is blank on the 2s multiples and another chart is blank on the 3s multiples. Your child needs to find out the numbers. Before solving the blanks, make sure that your child has enough knowledge about 2s and 3s multiples. multiples of 2s missing numbers in hundreds chart

Hundreds Chart with Mystery Picture

You will find the hundred-number chart here. On the next page, a color code is provided. Make sure that your child can read the clues properly and can get the answers easily. The clues are basic mathematical operations. After solving the clues and coloring the page, you will get a colorful picture of a flower here.

Mistry Picture Using Hundreds Chart

Answer the Quiz on Missing Numbers in a Hundred Chart

In this portion of this article, you will be provided a hundred chart and your child needs to answer the quizzes here. Make sure they understand the questions easily and can answer them. Quiz Answering in hundred chart with missing numbers

Find the Hundreds Chart Patterns

Here, a hundred chart with some patterns is given. Your child will answer the questions based on the shapes of the chart. Make sure they can understand the questions properly.

Find the hundred chart patterns

Download the Worksheet

A free pdf of hundreds chart with missing numbers worksheets are given with the article. Download the following worksheet to practice the activities more and more.


The whole article consists of 9 activities like- finding the missing number up to the hundred, solving the puzzles, finding the more or fewer numbers, filling the hundred blank charts, answering the questions, etc. Hopefully, all the activities will help your students to increase their mathematical and number sense. Enjoy these interactional activities.

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