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11 Fun 3D Shapes Real Life Examples with Worksheets

3D shapes real life examples are the very basis of our physical existence in a world where three dimensions are standard.

This article takes us on a compelling trip to uncover an endless number of real-world examples that highlight the various applications of 3D shapes in our world.

11 Exciting Worksheets to Demonstrate 3D Shapes Real Life Examples

In the following section, you will find 11 real-life examples of 3D shapes. All these examples of 3D shapes are very familiar to you.

You will be surprised to see those examples. So, without further delay, we are starting our main discussion.

3D shapes real life examples

Cylinder in Real Life

Worksheet #1

Hemisphere in Real Life

Worksheet #2

Sphere in Real Life

Worksheet #3

Cuboid in Real Life

Worksheet #4

Cube in Real Life

Worksheet #5

Pyramid in Real Life

Worksheet #6

Cone in Real Life

Worksheet #7

Matching Game

Worksheet #8

Color Shapes

Worksheet #9

Cut and Paste Game

Worksheet #10

Finding 3D Examples

Worksheet #11

Solid Shapes: Definition and Introduction

Anything that takes up space is referred to as a solid shape or a three-dimensional object. Each thing has three dimensions: length, width, and height, which gives rise to the term “three-dimensional.” Solid shapes include:

  • Cone
  • Pyramid
  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Sphere
  • Hemisphere
  • Cylinder
  • Prism

Real Life Examples of Cylinder

We have seen cylinder examples with pipes, beakers, cold drink cans, batteries, battery water tanks, gas cylinders, candles, candle fire extinguishers, test tubes, etc. Now look closely at the shapes.

They have all been created in a cylinder shape. We regularly use them in our daily lives.

Hemisphere and Its Examples in Real Life

Do you live in or see an igloo? A snow-based hut is called an igloo. A snow brick that has been compressed into a dome is called an igloo.

The shape of an igloo is similar to the shape of a hemisphere. Following are a few examples of hemispheres in daily life: bowls, the human mind, headphones, igloos, architectural domes, etc.

Real Life Sphere Examples

Who doesn’t love playing with basketballs or balloons? Look at their shape. Do you see the shape of a sphere?

Yes, it is. A globe, beach ball, Saturn, door knob, and orange are real-life examples of spheres.

Cuboid Examples in Real Life

We use many things, such as mobile phones, ovens, washing machines, fridges, bricks, and books, which are cuboid in shape.

See the shape of this structure in the following image, and you will find a cuboid shape. 

Cube Examples in Real Life

When you play with dice or a Rubik’s cube, do you notice the shape of the dice?

If you carefully observe it, it forms exactly the shape of a cube. Ice or sugar cubes, building blocks, and boxes are some other examples of cubes that we use regularly.

Pyramid and Its Real Life Examples

See the structure of the tepee, pyramid, or electrical tower given in the following image.

You can see the shape of a pyramid around you. Look carefully to see the similarities, such as glass buildings, building roofs, and the top of the mailbox post.

Real Life Applications of Cones

Who doesn’t love ice cream? But do you notice the shape of the cone?

It is exactly shaped like a 3D shape, which is a cone. Here are some examples of cones in daily life: ice cream cones, funnels, Christmas trees, traffic cones, waffle cones, megaphones, party hats, volcanoes, etc.

Match the 3D Shapes with Real Life Examples

In this method, students match the 3D shapes with their real-life examples. We can consider almost everything in the world to be a 3D shape.

These items are all around us every day. They are often overlooked. This approach seeks to match all the various 3D objects in our surroundings.

Color 3D Shape Objectes

This PDF on coloring real examples of 3D shapes using the color code is an easy choice for improving identification abilities if you’re seeking fun 3D figure practice for students in first and second grade.

3D Shapes Cut and Paste Game

This cut-and-paste game on 3-dimensional shapes with real-world objects is a hit for the students since it is simple to integrate and provides just the appropriate amount of repetition.

Encourage children to cut the real-world object cards in half and paste them under the relevant 3D shape.

Finding the Real Life Objects of 3D Shapes

A party hat resembles a cone, and a soda can is similar to a cylinder. By explaining the actual object and asking students to identify the 3D figure it resembles, you can turn this into a fun game.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Solid Shapes?

Shapes that occupy space are solid shapes or 3D shapes.

What Is the Difference Between Solid and Flat Shapes?

Solid shapes have three dimensions, whereas plane figures have only two dimensions.

Are Humans Solid?

It seems as though the human body is substantial. While we may appear to be solid objects, our bodies actually contain a variety of liquids and gases.

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I have mentioned  3d shapes real life examples in the discussion above. These  3d shapes real life examples are suitable for your children.

They enjoy these engaging  3d shapes real life examples. Also, teachers and parents may set up these activities.

So, enjoy this with your kids by participating in  3d shapes real life examples.

To practice more 3d shapes real life examples with your kids, download the free  3d shapes real life examples. They will enjoy the games.

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