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Number Puzzles for Kids

Looking for a fun way to build number sense? These number puzzles for kids get children to solve simple math equations from a 100’s chart to win the game.

It’s over.

Well, most of it is. The intense heat that makes the grass crunch under your feet, causes little faces to be bright red with sweat-drenched hair, and sends us “big kids” for cover and a cool drink is still definitely here.

The fun part is in the past. You know, the sleeping in… though my kids never do. The not having to get your day started right away and then hanging out at the pool all morning.

Family trips. Playdates. Free time to explore.

Yea, that part is over.

Though it is just the end of July, our public schools are preparing for the students to arrive. And our little homeschool is back in business.

It is time to get our math brains back in full swing, and we are doing that by playing with a 100’s chart and solving number puzzles.

Number puzzles for kids with game pieces on it and playing cards.

Hundreds Chart Puzzles

The math curriculum that we started with had my N, a first-grader, working on number puzzles. I love the concept because the children are having to figure out the patterns of a 100’s chart and apply them to solve the problem.

If I go down one, I’m adding 10.

Go up one, I’m subtracting 10.

One to the left, I’m subtracting 1.

And one to the right means I’m adding one.

After working through a few number puzzles, I knew he could use a little more practice. And what better way to practice than by playing a game.

My little kindergartener joined in, and we got to work on recognizing and finding numbers between 1 and 120. As N solved the number puzzles, I had C read the number typed into the number puzzle.

It was then his job to find the number on the 100’s chart. Only then would I show him what he could cover-up.

I would say each number, pointing to it so he could hear and see it. He needed a little review on some of the higher numbers, and I know that I will be pulling out our caterpillars later on to review these concepts.

Even though I had to modify it for him, he was still learning, developing number sense, and having a blast.

A child solving a number puzzle by using a blue marker to cross out numbers.

N had a blast allowing his mathematical brain to find patterns and solve the puzzles. And being a competitive little guy he enjoyed the strategy involved in choosing the right number to cover up.

He cracks me up with the intensity he plays games.

A child solving a number puzzle by using a blue marker to cross out numbers.

Number Puzzle for Kids: What you need

  1. Free printable at the end of the post.
  2. Dry Erase markers or game pieces (The dry erase markers worked the best for us. Our little hands kept knocking the game pieces off)
  3. Sheet protectors if you use dry erase markers
  4. Laminator- to laminate game cards.

Number Puzzle: How do you Play?

To play this free number puzzle, place the number puzzle pieces in an upside-down pile in front of the two to four players. Next, have all players draw a card.

The students solve the number puzzles and write in the answers with their dry-erase markers. If you are playing with younger children, you can write the numbers for them as this will save a lot of time.

When the puzzles are solved each player may cover up one space on the 100’s board using any of the numbers they wrote on their game cards. They may not cover up the number that was provided.

Number puzzles for kids with game pieces on it and playing cards.

The first player to get five in a row wins.

The hazy days of summer are still here, but the lazy part is definitely gone. Enjoy getting your kiddos’ minds back in their school mode, build number sense, and have some fun playing with them.

We also loved expanding our number chart work with these clip cards.

Printable Puzzles for Kids

Get these 8 different number chart number puzzles for kids HERE. The free sample numbers puzzle for kids is below. Click on the download button to download.

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