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Story Recall | Race Car Story Recall Game | Free Printable

Story Recall

Practice the skill of story recall with your kids by having them play this race car story recall game based on the story Race Car Count.

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Here I sit on the couch, loving my kiddos snuggled up next to me, and reading a book of their choice. I think they are totally engaged and following the allowing with the story, and then I fill the wiggle.

I glance over and at least one of my kiddos is staring off into space having entered into a world all of his own.

I want to sigh.

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Memory Activities for Kids

There is a million other things I could be doing, but I want to sit here and read with these little ones. I also want them to know I’m reading to them, and possibly be able to tell me about this story.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think every book I read to my crazy little gang should be retold in perfect detail, but this is an important skill.

They need to be able to sit and listen to a book and be able to retell it to me, and possibly answer some comprehension questions.

Story recall activity using the book, Race Car Count, with race cars and roads made out of construction paper.

Story Recall Activities

As much as my children love to read, this is a hard skill for them. Their focus drifts away, and they struggle recalling the important details of the story.

I wanted to give them a chance to practice this important skill in a fun setting. Well, you know with a game.

We had read Race Car Counts numerous time, and had even made our own cars. Now it was time for some comprehension.

We reread the book, and then I issued my boys a challenge.

Let’s make a game that has good and bad things happen to our cars. Do you think we can use the book to come up with 8 ways a car might win, and 4 ways a car might lose?

They were intrigued, and quickly started scowering the pages.

Children reading a storybook about race cars.

How Do You Teach Story Recall?

I had grabbed a piece of paper and written 1 through 6 on it twice, and as they excitedly told me events that had happened in the story I would jot them down.

They not only had to tell me what to write, but how many spaces to move forward or to move back.

They were thrilled, and soon their shouts filled the room.

“Your wheels are lightening fast. Let’s make that a move up four spaces.”

Your engine fell apart. Let’s make that move back 3 spaces.”

As they jabbered on, I wrote down what they said on my scrap piece of paper, and secretly smiled. Though they were using the book for some help, they were retelling the story.

They were working on comprehension, and they were thrilled to be doing it.

After we had 12 events written down, I handed them black construction paper cut in half. They took white paint and made slashes to create a road, and I typed out the events and placed them in our learning cubes.

Once the paint dried, they designed their road across our living room floor and we were ready to play.

Children creating a race track using black construction paper.

N got in some extra reading practice, and even the twins joined in to move their race cars back and forth on the large game board.

Enjoy this fun time of working on comprehension with your little ones.

Recall Activity for Students

Below is the race car count game to practice story recall. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button.

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