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Number Recognition Worksheets

I know I’ve mentioned before that one of my boys is disabled. I remember during one of his Preschool IEP Meetings, that his team mentioned number recognition and quantity recognition. Sure, many kids can recite numbers 1-10 or even higher, but being able to visualize what “two of something is” or what “four of something is” is another skill.

That same day, my younger child had a baby blanket in each hand. “Look Mommy! Two blankies!” he exclaimed. Ouch, it hurt. My toddler was exhibiting a skill that I had just been told his older brother lacked.

number recognition worksheets for preschoolers

Since then, we’ve worked on it of course. Number recognition and development is a beginner skill.

Most preschool TV shows, YouTube videos and songs will have kids singing and reciting the numbers 1-10.

Number 1-10 Preschool or Kindergarten

Being able to recognize the numbers 1-10 is the next step.

These worksheets designed for preschoolers or kindergarten will help with this task. I always like to engage multiple senses whenever we can. That would include singing, seeing, touching, tracing and more.

The skill set that a child has will depend upon how much exposure they have had to these skills and at what age.

Number Tracing 1-10

You could print and laminate these worksheets for a lasting center activity. The tracing could be done with a finger or with a wax crayon and wiped clean when you’re done.

Or, if a parent asks for something to do at home to reinforce learning, these PDFs are easy to send home.

Recognizing 1-10

Being able to visualize what 2 or what 7 is of something is an essential skill. That’s why I love the apples and the ladybugs on these preschool number worksheets. You could even bring in 10 apples to add more multisensory learning to the activity.

This is also a great activity for those who are beginning kindergarten. There is one free printable worksheet for each number 1 through 10. Each worksheet has the following activities:

  • Trace it
  • count it
  • color it
  • write it
  • spell it
  • say it
  • visualize it

Preschool Number Worksheets 1-10 Printable

Here is the free PDF of the Preschool Number Worksheets. This is a free printable tracing numbers 1-10 worksheet.

I have other activities and free printable worksheets for:

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