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5 Free Missing Addends for Grade 1 Worksheets | Fun Activities

These free missing addends for grade 1 worksheets will help the students visualize and understand place value and number systems. 1st-grade students will learn basic addition and subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable missing addends for grade 1 worksheets.

5 Fun Worksheets to Find Missing Addends for Grade 1 Students

Please download the following finding missing addends worksheets and practice addition and subtraction on the pages.

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Addends up to 10

Worksheet #1

Addends up to 20 & 30

Worksheet #2

Number Bond

Worksheet #3

Addends on Ten Frame

Worksheet #4

Word Problems

Worksheet #5

Finding Missing Addends up to 10

In the following worksheet, you will have to find some missing addend within 10. You can notice that on the first page of the worksheet, all the first addends are missing.

And, in the second one, the addends are randomly missing. Do the little maths and find all the missing addends. You can get help from this missing addend anchor chart article to enhance your skills.

Finding Missing Addends up to 20 and 30

Here you will find some missing addends problems, where the addends will sum up to either 20 or 30. In contrast to our first activity, here the second addend will be missing on the first page of the worksheet.

Making Number Bonds with Missing Addends

You can see some number bonds in the following worksheet. The bigger number is in the bigger bubble and the two smaller numbers that form the bigger number are in the smaller bubbles.

But all the bonds are incomplete unless you find the numbers in the smaller bubble to complete them.

Finding Missing Addends Using Ten Frame

Here, we will take the help of a ten-frame model to find the missing addend. You can notice dots with two colors in the following ten frames. One is black and the other one is white.

Count the dots of both colors in every ten frames to make 10.

Simple Word Problems on Missing Addend

At last, we will solve some simple word problems regarding missing addend. Read each of the problems carefully and find all the required addends.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed missing addends for grade 1 worksheets using the concepts of single and double-digit addition, number bonds, ten frames, and some interactive word problems. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of addition and subtraction.

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