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20+ Free 2 Times Table Worksheets | Printable PDF

The 2 times table worksheets will be covered in our lesson today. Learning the table of 2s will eventually help the child gain a greater understanding of multiplication. The repetition of times tables is an important brain-training activity for younger children.

The free worksheet is very useful for motivating our first- through third-graders. Kids will be able to confidently recite the 2 times table worksheets and understand how it works at the end of this article.

2 Times Table Worksheets overview

2 Times Table Display Chart

The results, shown in the pdf are the results of multiplying 2 by all whole numbers, from 1 to infinity. A fundamental multiplication table that is taught in elementary school is the 2x table. A 2 times table worksheets containing products up to 10 and up to 12 is given below.

2 Times Table Chart Up To 10

The 2 times table is a mathematical table that lists the multiples of 2.

The results, shown in the table below, are the results of multiplying 2 by all whole numbers, from 1 to 10.  The 2 times table worksheets chart up to 10 is given below.

2 Times Table Chart Up To 12

Here, you will have a 2x multiplication table with multiplicands up to 12.

Times Table Learning and Multiplication Facts

As multiplication is a fundamental mathematical operation, you need to learn this operation in preschool or in grades 1-3. Then, once you have understood the basics of multiplication, you are ready to start learning tables. I will show some steps for learning the times tables easily and effectively. 


  • First, write down the times table.
  • Next- read it aloud. This is called auditory learning.
  • Then, repeat, repeat, and repeat for learning the table by heart.
  • After that, to test how much you memorized, try the practice sheet.

The worksheets attached to this article are all about learning times table facts and counting up by 2s. Students must solve multiplication problems in 2x table worksheets in order to color the various components of the artwork, complete the circle, match the correct answers, etc. They will be assisted in understanding the entire process by teachers or parents.

Using the worksheets will help your children to:

  • Learn the factors of 2 with the help of 2 times tables
  • Understand multiplication as repeated addition
  • Get knowledge about multiplication as skip counting
  • Find the unknown multiplicands
  • Solve a range of simple multiplication challenges

10 Exciting Ways to Learn 2 Times Table Multiplication

There are no particular rules for the 2x table that make it easy. We’ll discuss the advantages of using 2x multiplication worksheets and share a few tips for making the most of this teaching tool. So gather some pencils or pens, and let’s begin!

Count the 2s Product and Color by Number

  • First, look at the drawing of the monkey. There are some simple 2s multiplication written all over it.
  • Now solve those problems. You will see, for each solution, there is a color code mentioned in the paper.
  • Here comes the most fun part! color the monkey according to the color code. For example, I want to color the tail of the monkey. To do that, I need to solve the problem.

Counting by 2s Dot to Dot

Now it’s time to match the photo by connecting the dots. These dots indicate the 2s table from 1 to 15. After connecting the dots, students will find a hidden photo.

Find the 2 Times Multiplication Product in Rocket

  • This is a basic multiplication activity. Here, students from kindergarten will multiply other numbers by 2. 
  • In the tail of the rockets, write the products of the numbers given on the rockets. 
  • For example, in the first rocket, the multiplication is written “2*4” and the answer will be 8 which is written on the tail of the rocket.

Complete 2 Times Multiplication Circle

  • As you can see, there is a number written in the inner circle of the three circles, which is 2. 
  • 12 numbers are provided in the second outer circle.
  • The third circle from the outside is empty. 
  • The numbers from the second circle must be multiplied by 2 in the inner circle.
  • Then, in the third outside circle, write the product.

Match 2 Times Multiplication Product

Your preschoolers will need to multiply the given data in order to find its products. To obtain the goods, they might use the 2x table. Now, you’ll discover that the worksheet also includes the expressions’ products, but the locations of the products are incorrect. The goal of this activity is to draw a line that corresponds to the expression’s product.

Find the Missing Number in 2x Multiplication

This is a simple task. Give your child directions on how to locate the multiplicand that needs to be multiplied by 2 to obtain the product.

By dividing the result by 2, it is possible to get the missing number. For practice, you can also use the multiplication table two times. However, I advise adopting the division approach, as it will improve your mathematics skills.

Count the Elements and Find the 2x Multiplication Expression

This is a counting game. You need to count how many sets of elements there are and  count the elements in each set. Suppose you have 2 sets of apples, and every set has 5 apples. So you need to count the sets of apples, which are 2, and the number of apples per set, which is 5. So, the total number of apples is 2×5=10.

Solve the Maze Counting by 2s

Children love to solve the maze. That’s why teachers or parents can set up a maze game while teaching the students the three times tables. 

  • All they need to do is make a worksheet of random numbers where the 2s are also included. 
  • First, the students need to find the 2s numbers from the starting point and mark them until the endpoint. 
  • Whoever arrives first at the endpoint will be the winner. 
  • For example, when a student starts the maze, she will mark 2 and 6 as they are multiples of 2. In this way, she will continue until the endpoint.

Cross the River Counting by 2s

Now it’s time to play another game while solving the 2s multiplication.

For this activity, students will provide a number sheet that is written on stones. They will find the 2S products and color them to help the pirate cross the river.

If the pirate crosses the river, he will first find the stones that are 2s multiples. They are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. Then he will color those stones and cross the river.

2x Multiplication Cut and Paste Game

This activity will be based on a simple cut-and-paste game. See the first number, where some numbers from 2-30 are given. But all the numbers are not present.

The missing numbers are provided in the lower box as a clue. Cut each of the numbers that are multiples of 2 and paste them in their right position in the upper box.

Download Free Worksheet

I have mentioned 2 Times Table Worksheets activities in the discussion above.

These activities are suitable for your children. They enjoy these engaging times table. Also, teachers and parents may set up these 2 Times Table Worksheets activities. So, enjoy this with your kids by participating in 2 Times Table Worksheets activities.

To practice more multiplication at the 2x table with your kids, download the free 2x table worksheets. They will enjoy the games.

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