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20+ Exciting Pokémon Math Worksheets | Free Printables

Do you wanna be the very best like no one ever was? Do you want to solve them all? That’s why we have brought you some interesting Pokemon math worksheets related activities.

Pikachu, I choose you. Isn’t it fascinating when these pocket monsters come out of these red and white pokeballs? We bet you all dream of having one as your own.

Without further delay, let’s jump on the following exciting adventures. Here, you will find some interesting and engaging Pokemon math worksheets.

8 Exciting Activities of Pokémon Math Worksheets

In this discussion, you will find nine exciting Pokemon math worksheets related to activities. Each of the activities will require you to think differently to solve them.

Try to solve each of the given problems, and then what? Just be the greatest Pokemon math solver. So, let’s thunderbolt them.

Activity 1: Counting Pokémon Math Game

Let’s start our Pokemon math activity with a simple counting game. See the following image.

Here, a list of Pokemon is given. Count the number of Pokemon in each row and write the exact number in the empty boxes given beside them. 

Counting Pokemons and Pokemon Items

Activity 2: Comparing Numbers in Pokémon Math Game

As you have finished counting, we believe you will be able to compare two numbers. That means you have to find either the bigger or the smaller between two numbers.

Just look carefully and draw the correct comparison sign. 

Comparing Number of Pokemons to Find Greater Value

Activity 3: Graphing Numbers Activity with Pokémon

Are you familiar with coordinate grids? If you are not, then let us explain.

  • A point in a coordinate grid has two values. One is in the horizontal position and the other is in the vertical one.
  • For example, if you are seeing an object with a value of (3,2) then it means, its position is 3 spaces upwards from the base point and two spaces right from the horizontal value.

Now, you may be able to find the coordinates of the Pokemon given in the following image. Try and win. 

Using Grid System to Find Pokemon Coordinates

Activity 4: Add and Subtract with Pokémon Math Game

Here, we will do some addition and subtraction, but in Pokemon style. See the given clue on the upper side of the image. Each of the Pokemon is given a specific value.

Now, in the following problems, place those values, and after solving them, earn your Pokemon badge. 

Doing Pokemon Addition and Subtraction

Activity 5: Solve These Pokémon Math Riddles

Can you solve some simple math riddles? We bet you can. What you have to do is find the value of each Pokemon or poke item from the given clues and then finally solve the final riddle to be the ultimate champion. 

Solving Pokemon Riddles

Activity 6: Solve Area Model Math with Pokémon

While we are talking about the Pokemon math riddle, let’s add some area model problems to it. You have to be quite skillful in multiplication and division to solve these kinds of problems. What do you have to do?

  • Just find carefully the relation between the given Pokemons and the numbers.
  • Each of the Pokemon contains a value that you have to find by using multiplication and division.
  • See the first Pokemon makes 36 after multiplying by itself. Ask in your mind what is the number that becomes 36 after multiplying by itself. Yes, it is 6.
  • As you have cleared the first stage go on to the next Pokemon and similarly find the values for them also.

Doing Pokemon Themed Area Model

Activity 7: Color the Pokémon by Number

We will add some coloring activities along with math. Solve each of the given multiplications and divisions in the image.

  • Just see the multiplication and division problems given in on each part of the image and after solving and finding the answer go to the color code to see the assigned color.
  • For example, if any parts give the result 6 then go to the color code and see what color is assigned for the number 6.
  • Then start to color that part with the assigned color and go to the next portion for coloring.

Doing Multiplication and Division for Pokemon Color by Number

Activity 8: Pokémon Word Problem

The last Pokemon math activity will be a simple word problem. Read the problem carefully and determine what the problem is or what you have to determine. Then, from the given clues and applying your solving technique, solve the problem like a true champion. 

Simple Pokemon Word Problem

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed various interesting Pokemon math worksheets related activities for your little champs. These activities will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of Pokemon math worksheets problems.

The free Pokemon math worksheets pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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