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Preschool Math Worksheets

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These preschool math worksheets are a fun way to practice number recognition, sorting, patterns, prepositions, and number bonds.

Play is so important for little preschool children. I want my twins building castles, playing family (doll house), and dressing up to go on the latest adventure.

The majority of their day is spent in play, with most of the afternoon outside if the weather permits.

But for 30 minutes to an hour a day, I sit down with them to do some structured learning. We do letter work with these great units by This Reading Mama.

We count objects, create patterns, and build fine motor skills with snap cubes.

And sometimes, I grab these pre k math worksheets to focus on patterns and sorting. Today I have five preschool pattern worksheets to use on a cookie sheet with magnets!

Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice pattern recognition with a hand holding onto a picture of a green monster.

Prep- Work

With just a little cutting and applying magnetics, you have a fun preschool activity to use.

  1. First, print off the monsters on card stock paper.
  2. Cut each monster out, and then add magnetic strips on the back of the monsters.
  3. Finally, print off the pages you want to use, and place them on a cookie sheet.
Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice pattern recognition with a hand holding onto a picture of a green monster.

Pre K Math Worksheets

Did you know that recognizing patterns will help your child when they begin to multiply? Multiplication has pattern after pattern in it. Look at 5’s.

The number in the one’s place is always a 5 or a 0, and there is a pattern to when the 0 and the 5 appear. Recognizing patterns can help a child learn to count by five and then be able to multiply by five.

There are many other reasons why patterns are important and Mid-Pacific does a great job of explaining them.

Knowing that they are so important, I began by creating some fun, colorful patterns with the monsters.

If your child or student is not familiar with patterns, you will need to sit down and discuss what they see and how the monster repeat themselves.

Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice pattern recognition.

Preschool Math Sheets

This page is pretty self-explanatory. Simply put the sheet out and have your little ones count out the correct amount of monsters for each number.

Not only are you working on counting, but number recognition too.

Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice number bonds on a cookie sheet.

Preschool Sorting Worksheets

If you have a child that needs help with colors, this is a great one to do. The children must place the monsters in the correct circles based on color.

I would highly recommend sitting down with your kiddo on this one and having them tell you the color each time they place it in the circle.

This way they are saying the color, seeing the written word, and finding a monster with that color.

I decided to throw in a little counting with the sorting too. Some sorts require the children to sort the monsters based on the number of eyes or antennas (you may have to explain that word).

Then my favorite preschool sorting activity…the do-it-yourself. The children can sort the monsters any way they want.

A teacher, parent, or friend can then guess what the rule is.

Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice prepositions with a hand holding onto a picture of a pink monster.

Prepositions Worksheet

Have you ever asked your child to look under the couch for his shoe, and they look everywhere except UNDER the couch?

These preposition worksheets for preschool are perfect for helping children to understand those pesky prepositional words. Simply print out a picture and then tell your child where you want them to place the monster.

Examples of prepositions for preschoolers:

  • Under the bridge
  • Behind a tree
  • Beside the path
  • Above the box
  • Off the path

Not only will your child have to use vocabulary to find the pictures, but they will also be working on those wonderful prepositions that we need them to learn.

Preschool math worksheets with monsters to practice number bonds with a hand holding onto a picture of a yellow monster.

Number Bonds

Finally, for those advanced preschoolers, we have number bonds worksheets. Number bonds are so important.

They help children visualize fact families. So many of our children need a different approach than a list of equations with the same numbers in them.

Throw in manipulatives and teach them through number bonds. Maybe what some of our sweet little ones need to understand is the relationship between addition and subtraction.

If you want more information on teaching number bonds for kindergarten, check out this great post on Let’s Play Math.

I hope you enjoy these cute little monsters, and I would love to hear how it goes.

Worksheets for Preschool Math

Get all 20 pages HERE. Download the sample below.

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