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Preschool Pattern Activity

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With a fun apple theme, this fall preschool pattern activity will help young ones with patterns like ABAB. They will also sort apples based on size.

It’s officially September and with that supposedly comes fall… unless you live in the south! We are still enjoying pool time, flip-flops, and the joy of air conditioning.

But even if our days are spent in the 90’s, there is something about September that makes you want to find the pumpkin spice latte or head to an apple orchard to pick apples.

With that thought in mind, I decided to create some math centers for my four-year-olds that will have them working on math skills that little ones should be focusing on.

The biggest focus is on one-to-one correspondence and number recognition. And there are games, magnetic number activities, and ten frames to help with that.

But today I’m sharing the sorting and preschool pattern activity! Get the whole bundle of apple-themed math activities here!

Preschool Pattern Activity with an apple theme.


With just a little cutting, this activity will be ready to go.

  1. First, print off all the sheets on card stock paper.
  2. Next, cut out all the apples and labels. You can laminate if desired.
  3. Finally, place a magnet on the back of the apples and you are ready to go!
Preschool Pattern Activity with an apple theme.

Patterns Kindergarten Activities

The pattern activity is simple, which is perfect for our little ones. All our preschoolers need to do is figure out what pattern is being used, and then find what apple comes next.

For example, the first page starts with an ABAB pattern. You can begin by asking your child to tell you what they see. Once they correctly say that they see a dark red apple and then a checkered apple, you can tell them that this is an ABAB pattern.

If the paper is laminated you could even write the ABAB on top of the apples, and then in the first open spot write the letter A.

This will help your child to see that the dark red apple is represented by an A and that they need to find another dark red apple to place over the A in the blank.

The other patterns that are on this sheet are

  1. AAB
  2. ABC
  3. AABB
  4. AAAB


After some pattern work, it is time to get in some sorting.

All you need to do is figure out which labels you want them to use and place them on the cookie tray. Next, read the words to your preschooler, and then ask them questions to help them sort the apples.

Which apples are big? Which apples are small?

Preschool Pattern Activity with an apple theme.

Can you find the apples with rectangles on them? What about triangles?

Preschool Pattern Activity with an apple theme.

Which apples are red? Which are green?

Preschool Pattern Activity with an apple theme.

After doing that with them a few times, see if they can do it on their own!

Whether you are still in 90-degree heat, or you are seeing signs of fall, I hope you enjoy this sorting and preschool pattern activity.

Pattern Worksheets for Preschool

Below are the free preschool pattern worksheets. To download this printable you need to click on the download button, then print it from your device.

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