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40 Monster Number Bonds to 10 | Task Cards | Adding and Subtracting Skills | Free Printable

Number Bonds to 10

These monster-themed number bonds to 10 will help to strengthen your child’s number sense, adding and subtracting skills, and math fluency.

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Fact families can be very confusing for some children. It is just a bunch of numbers switched around, and they honestly don’t have a clue what they are doing as they stick numbers on lines.

What are Number Bonds?

Number bonds are a great way to help our visual learners “see” what a fact family is. They become comfortable recognizing the two parts, and the whole.

You can get more information on number bonds here:
1. Number Bonds by Marnel Infant School
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Knowing how important number bonds are, I’ve created an easy center for students to work on them.

Number bonds with monsters worksheet on a cookie sheet.

Prep Work

  1. First, print off the Monster Number Bond Task Cards on card stock paper.
  2. Then, laminate the large blank number bonds page and possibly the task cards. This will allow them to be used over and over again.
  3. Next, cut out the monsters and place magnetic strips on the back of them.
  4. Finally, Gather up dry erase markers and a cookie sheet and you are ready to go.

Number Bonds for Kindergarten

There are three different types of task cards to help children learn number bonds.

First Set

The first one shows two different monsters on a ten frame. On the large piece, the students will first copy the ten frames and figure out how many monsters there are.

They will write the total in the large rectangular box. Next, they will move the monsters from the ten frames into the circles.

The task cards show where the children should place their monsters. They again write the total in the remaining circle. To finish off, they write the equation they created.

Number bonds with monsters worksheet on a wooden background.

Second Set

The next type of task card has one type of monster in the ten frames, with the total number of monsters in a circle.

The students will place the shown number of monsters in the ten frames and write the total in the rectangular box.

Now they have to figure out how many more monsters to add to the ten frames to get to the total.

Once they have figured that out, they move the monsters to the number bond circles and then finish by writing the equation.

Number bonds with monsters worksheet on a wooden background.

Number Bonds Addition: Third Set

The final two monster number bond task cards are similar. The ten frames are no longer on the task cards, but numbers are in the number bond circles.

One set has just the addends and the students have to figure out the sum.

Number bonds with monsters worksheet on a wooden background.

Number Bonds Subtraction: Fourth Set

Finally, the last set has one addend and the sum, so the students can figure out the missing addend.

Number bonds with monsters worksheet on a wooden background.

They would follow the same procedure here. Use the monsters to fill in the ten frames, and the large rectangle.

After the ten frames are completed, they would use that to help them fill in the number bonds, and then the equation.

Teaching Number Bonds

I would recommend teaching this in a small group, and once they are comfortable with it, move it to a center.

This way the children are getting comfortable practicing their addition facts for the numbers 1-10 over and over.

Number Bond Worksheets

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