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Addition Facts | 6 Spin and Color Games For Addition Fact Practice | Free Printable

Addition Facts

Memorizing basic math facts helps children solve more complex problems easier. This FREE spin and color game will help with addition facts practice.

“Mom, I’m going to go color,” is a phrase I hear at least once a day. Then that child will quietly disappear for a short time, only to reappear with a “present” made especially for me.

Their love for coloring is so great this year, that they asked for crayons to be in their stockings. Whether it is relaxing, or just appeals to the art side of my children, it is a favorite activity in our little abode.

Whenever I find an activity that sparks my children’s interest, I like to try to incorporate it into our school day. And that’s what this next free printable does.

Christmas addition facts game with a child's hand coloring an ornament.

Math Addition Facts

While there is nothing wrong with using manipulatives or fingers to solve a problem, constantly relying on them can cause problems.

When a child is adding or subtracting a number in the hundreds, our little ones would be pulling out their manipulatives or counting on fingers three times just to get one problem done.

On top of that, I’ve seen my boys miss count a finger and get the calculation wrong.

With that said, it is important that we spend time working on math facts and memorizing them. And if we can practice them while doing something they love… that’s even better.

Addition Facts Games

This Christmas coloring activity is a perfect way to get in addition fact practice. There are six different free coloring pages that are each a game, and each page has a spinner. The spinner has six addition problems on it for our youngsters to solve.

Three of the spinners have problems where an addend is missing. This allows the students to focus on equations that equal 10, 11, and 15.

Prep Work

There is very little prep work for this activity. Simply print off one game board per person and the spinner that matches the game board. (Printing off the spinner on card stock paper and laminating it will help it last longer.) Then gather up a pencil, paperclip, and crayons and you are ready to go.

How to Play

  1. Give each player a game board, Players may have different game boards as long as they have the spinner that matches their game board. (If playing as a game, make sure that the players spinner at the same time.)
  2. Players take turns spinning and solving the problem.
  3. Once the player solves the problem, they look on their game board to find an ornament that has that number on it. The player may then color in that ornament.
  4. The first person to color in all their ornaments is the winner.

After we played the first two games a few times I pulled out an ornament maze for them to color. All they had to do was find the expressions that equaled ten to make it from the start of the maze to the end.

Since coloring was involved again, they loved it. (There are 10 mazes working on addition facts from 10 to 20. You can get them at my shop or my TpT Store.)

Addition Fact Practice

My boys have asked to play both of these activities numerous times. I hope you enjoy a little relaxing down time while coloring and getting in some addition fact practice.

Need other addition fact practice. Check out this fall-theme addition fact sort and this making ten activity.

Or get these plus more adding and subtracting activities for Kindergarten students here.

You’ve Got This

Addition Facts Printable

Below is the free addition facts printable that has 6 spin and color games for addition facts practice. To download, click on the download button.

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