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6 Fun Ways to Make 10 | Practice Addition | Fall Theme

Ways to Make 10

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Want to help your students master ways to make 10? Check out these 6 engaging fall activities designed to help your students explore adding to 10.

It was a simple question. One I was sure he would know the answer to. Yet there he stood, giving me that look. The look that means I have no clue, and I don’t remember where to start to figure it out.

With that look, I knew we needed to step back and spend some time on this concept. He needed to know how to make 10.

Needed to know what expressions equal 10, and if he couldn’t remember he needed to remember how to use his strategies.

Knowing all that we needed to accomplish I created six activities for him to work on throughout the week. Six activities that would be fun and engaging, but let him practice over and over adding to 10.

Here’s what we did.

Various fall-themed adding to 10 worksheets.

Ten Frames

I love 10 frames. They are an awesome way for children to learn number recognition and help them begin to develop subitizing skills.

Adding to 10 worksheet with leaves and black birds on it. A hand is adding a yellow leaf to the worksheet.

How to Teach Subitizing Skills

When a child is able to subitize, they have the ability to quickly tell how many there are.

With repeated exposure to ten frames, students can go from quickly recognizing a number, to figuring out simple expressions.

With this in mind, I started off the week by having my kindergartner fill in 10 frames with two different pictures and create equations. Not only is this a great hands-on way to work on adding to 10, but it served as a reference guide for him too.

Puzzle pieces that connect to add up to 10.

Ways to Make 10 Number Puzzles

This activity required some prep work, but my kindergartner had fun with it…and we have already done them numerous times.

All you need to do is print off the number puzzles on card stock paper, cut them out, and then laminate them. Now the pieces are ready for the children to use.

The children have a simple goal of creating puzzles that add to 10. My little man started by putting one side of all the puzzles together.

Next, he would count the pictures on the side he connected. For example, he would count the four acorns.

Then he would begin looking for a picture that had six objects on it. At first, he used his 10 frames to help him solve, then I taught him how to count up (love how This Reading Mama teaches it) and toward the end of the week, he was able to do many of them from memory.

Sorting activity with a tree and paper leaves with equations on them.

Making 10 Activities: Equal or Not Equal to 10

Unfortunately, this is another activity that requires a little prep work. I printed off the leaves on card stock, glued the trees into a file folder, and laminated everything.

This center is now ready for multiple uses and is uncomplicated. If an expression is equal to 10, then they put that leaf on the tree that says equal 10. If the expression does not equal 10, well it goes on the other tree.

Adding to 10 worksheet with some pumpkins colored in orange and an orange crayon laying on the worksheet.

Which Pumpkin Equals 10?

Ready for an activity that only requires a crayon? This activity is similar to the tree center. The children color in the pumpkins that equal 10 to make their way through the maze of pumpkins.

It is an easy, independent activity that lets you know if your students are starting to recognize which numbers you can use when adding to 10.

Adding to 10 game with a fall theme.

Adding to 10 Game

Want a simple game to be able to pull out to keep the making 10 expressions fresh? This game is also a no-prep game…which is nice after cutting out leaves and puzzles!

Simply print the game, grab a die, LEGO, or other stacking cubes, and you are ready to play.


  1. Players stack up two blocks and then roll the die. They move up that many spaces.
  2. If they land on a space that equals 10, they made add a block.
  3. Or, if they land on a space that does not equal 10,  they remove a block.
  4. If they land on a picture, they do nothing.
  5. And, if they run out of blocks they must start back at the beginning with two blocks.
  6. When all players reach the end space, the player with the most blocks wins.
Ways to make 10 number bonds worksheet with a fall theme.

Adding by Making 10 Number Bonds

Number bonds are a very important skill and allow children to begin to make mathematical connections. These number bonds are perfect for helping our little ones work on adding numbers that make 10.

After a week of working on making 10, there were a lot of connections that had been made. Now was the time for my little kindergartner to prove what connections he had made…

And I will brag on him a moment and say he did an awesome job.

I wish I could say that after a week of doing this, my little kindergartner is spouting off all the equations for 10. He has definitely mastered some, but expressions like 7 + 3 are still tripping him up.

The game, puzzles, and equal or not equal trees are stored in an accordion file close by, and they will be pulled once or twice a week.

I know that before long my little man will be able to rattle off all the equations for making 10, and so will your little kiddos too.

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Ways to Make 10 Puzzle Printable

Below is the free printable for practicing adding to 10. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button.

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