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9 Free Decomposing Numbers Kindergarten Worksheet

In the early years of a child’s education, building a solid foundation in decomposing numbers kindergarten is crucial.

Decomposing numbers involves breaking them down into their component parts, revealing the hidden relationships between quantities.  We will explore the concept of decomposing numbers in a kindergarten setting, shed light on its importance, and discuss effective strategies in this article.

9 Exciting Decomposing Numbers Kindergarten Worksheet

In this set of exercises, we’ll focus on decomposing numbers. By exploring the patterns and properties of decomposition, you’ll unlock the secrets to quickly and accurately solving these types of problems. So, let’s get started!

Decomposing Numbers

Number Chain

Worksheet #1

Dot Decomposing 

Worksheet #2

Number Bond

Worksheet #3


Worksheet #4

Addition Blocks

Worksheet #5

Large Numbers

Worksheet #6

Rainbow Decomposing

Worksheet #7

Candy Decomposing

Worksheet #8

Domino Decomposing

Worksheet #9

Understanding Decomposing Numbers 

Breaking down a number into two smaller parts is like decomposing a number.

The following gives an algebraic representation of a decomposing number. If you want to decompose the number “12”, you can write “10+2”, “5+7”, “8+4”, etc., where all of the additions result in 12.

examples of Decomposing Numbers

Importance of Decomposing Numbers

  • Understanding decomposition in arithmetic is essential for grasping more complex geometric and mathematical ideas. 
  • Decomposing numbers improve the understanding of connections between digits and number sense.
  • These numbers become understandable and simple when they are broken down into a pattern of groupings of tens, followed by the addition of certain ones.
  • They gain a “visual” representation of numbers by learning how to decompose them.

Chain Number Decomposing Kindergarten

In this method, the whole number is divided into two parts. This kind of problem looks like a chain of numbers decomposing, as shown in the given worksheet.

Now it’s time to solve various problems with decomposing numbers. 

Decomposing Number 10 by Dots

Use colorful dots to break out the number 10.

When applying it, you can remove one of the colors and ask the children to find the missing number. For instance, if “5+_=10” is the problem, the children will identify the missing number as 5 by counting the dots.  

Decomposing Number Bond 

The majority of kindergarten, first, and second-grade classes use number bonds to teach the students.   Number bonds are useful tools for teaching students how to compose and decompose numbers. They are a fantastic approach to teaching fact families and the idea of missing numbers.  

Using Puzzles to Decompose Numbers

This puzzle game helps kids learn to decompose numbers as well as find missing numbers. The first problem has been solved for your convenience.  

Decomposing numbers puzzles

Decompose Numbers by Addition Blocks

Students must first roll a die. If a student’s working number is 6, for example, ifIf the student rolls a 3, they must construct a train of three identical-colored cubes. The next step is for the student to calculate how many more cubes are required to build a train of 6.

The student then joins three cubes of a different color to symbolize the missing component. On their worksheet, they then write the equation 3 + 3 = 6. They also color the blocks.  

Decompose Large Numbers 

Students will be able to think easily with numbers if they can break larger numbers down.

A child who understands that 15 can be broken down into 10 and 5 will, for instance, be able to solve addition problems quickly. Every year in math, we will build on this important core skill.  

Rainbow Decomposing Numbers

I have a small math problem with a rainbow model for decomposing numbers. I have given numbers to the students and asked them to decompose. For example, if I want to decompose the number 8, they will break it down into 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 0.  

Candy Decomposing Numbers for Kindergarten Kids

Start with solid items and visuals while introducing new concepts to kids. Another excellent technique to see various numbers inside other larger numbers is to sort the items.

I might ask my kids to sort by color after having them count candy.  

Find Domino Missing Decomposing Numbers for Kindergarten Champs

Do your children need some decomposing numbers to practice worksheets in math? The domino worksheets are suitable for your children.  

Download Free Worksheet PDF

In the following sections, we will explore practical strategies and activities that teachers and parents can use to introduce and reinforce the concept of decomposing numbers in a kindergarten setting.

These approaches provide hands-on experiences, encourage critical thinking, and create a supportive environment for young learners to explore and apply their knowledge.

Download the free PDFs and enjoy!

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