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Missing Addend Subtraction | Free Printable Worksheets

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These missing addend subtraction worksheets will help to visualize and understand place value and number systems. 1st-grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable missing addend subtraction worksheets.

5 Worksheets on Missing Addend Subtraction

Download the following worksheets and practice.

Missing Addend Subtraction

Board Game

Worksheet #1

Count the Dots

Worksheet #2

Treasure Hunt

Worksheet #3

Count the Stars

Worksheet #4

Color the Pencils

Worksheet #5

How to find Missing Addend Subtraction

To find missing addend subtraction, you need to inform your kiddos that every time you need to subtract, you need to subtract a number from the bigger one. Now for finding the missing addend subtraction, let’s consider an equation- 7 – __ = 5.

Now, you need some objects like dots. Now, add dots against the numbers on the left-hand side and right-hand side. Like- add seven dots on the left-hand side and add 5 dots on the right-hand side. Here, you need to cut extra two dots on the left-hand side to get the result 5.

So, in the blank, you will write 2. This is the answer.

two students are trying to find the missing addend subtraction

5 Exciting Missing Addend Subtraction Games for Your Youngsters

These activities should assist your young champ in learning the basics of math operation and laying a solid foundation. Download and practice more.

Missing Addend Subtraction Board Game

First, roll the dice. After that, if a student lands on a picture, the teacher will give him or her a missing addend subtraction problem on the board. The kiddo will solve the problem. If the answer is correct, he or she will proceed to the game. Otherwise, he or she will be stuck on that stage.

step by step method of missing addend subtraction board game

Count the Dots in Missing Addend Subtraction

Provide the students the colorful worksheets. Every worksheet has missing addend subtraction equations on the top of the page. Show the equations to the kiddos. Then, count the dots under the equations. Help the children to solve the problems mentioned in the worksheets. Solve the problems.

steps of count the dots game

Treasure Hunt Game to Get Missing Addend Subtraction

Roll the dice first. If students land on a treasure box, the teacher will give them an equation consisting of missing addend subtraction. Then, the student will solve the problem. If the answer is correct, he or she will proceed to the game. Otherwise, he or she will be stuck on that stage. The game will be continued in this manner.

treasure hunt game steps

Count the Stars to Get Missing Addend Subtraction

Provide the worksheets to your students. Every worksheet consists of a number of stars shown on the left and right-hand sides of the equation. Help your students to calculate the missing addend subtraction by counting the stars.

procedure of count the stars game

Color the Pencils Game to Get Missing Addend Subtraction

Divide the students into two groups. After that, give them the worksheets. Every worksheet will have 5 equations written on 5. The students will find the missing addend subtractions and then color the pencils. The group that finishes the task first, will win the game.

color the pencil game instruction

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the combined worksheets and practice more. 

So today, we’ve discussed subtraction with missing addend subtraction worksheets using the concepts of a board game, counting the dots, treasure hunt, counting the stars, and coloring the pencils. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of subtraction.

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