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10 Multiplication and Division Worksheets Grade 2 | Free Printable

These multiplication and division worksheets will help to visualize and understand place value and number systems. 2nd-grade students will learn basic multiplication and division methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable multiplication and division worksheets.

10 Fun Multiplication and Division Worksheets Grade 2

Please download the following multiplication and division worksheets and practice multiplications and divisions on the pages.

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Basic Facts

Worksheet #1

Match Answers

Worksheet #2

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #3

Fact Family

Worksheet #4

Fill the Gaps

Worksheet #5

Two Operators

Worksheet #6

Coloring Worksheet

Worksheet #7

Single Digit

Worksheet #8

Double Digit 

Worksheet #9

Word Problems

Worksheet #10

Introduction to Multiplication and Division

Knowing multiplication and division facts is essential, and finding fun ways to practice is equally important. Let’s take a quick review of multiplication and division before starting our main discussion. Multiplication is also known as repeated addition. When we need to combine two or more values to generate a single value, we need the help of multiplication.

In the multiplication process, you will find three terms to use. Multiplicand, multiplier, and product. We use the “x” or “*” sign to indicate a multiplication. Let us explain this term with a simple example.

Take the multiplication 3 x 2 = 6. Here, we have combined 3 and 2 to get a new value 6. Here, 3 and 2 are known as the multiplier and multiplicand, respectively. After the multiplication, we got 6 as the outcome, which is known as the product.

Now, come to understand what a division process is. Division means dividing a certain amount into equal parts or groups. For division, we can say, through a division process, we can determine how one quantity or a number is contained within another number and how many times. From the above two definitions, we can say that multiplication and division are inverse processes of each other.

To symbolize a division, we either use a division (÷) sign or give a (/) sign between two numbers. As we said in multiplication, there are some terms associated with division. Divisor, dividend, and quotient.

The divisor is the number that is being divided, and the dividend is the number that is used for dividing the dividend. Take the division 6 ÷ 2 = 3. Here, we have divided the divisor 6 by the dividend 2 to get a new value 3 Here, 3 is the outcome of the division, which is known as the quotient.

Explaining Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division of Basic Facts Worksheets

In this worksheet, you will practice multiplication and division of some basic facts. Here we will have to use the basic facts of numbers 2-10 to complete the following worksheets.

You can take the help of various time charts to solve the problems. After finding the correct answers, just write them beside their respective problems.

Multiplication and Division Matching Worksheet

We will do some multiplication and division of basic facts again in this activity. But we are going to play a matching game with those facts. You will see two columns in each of the following worksheets.

The first column contains some multiplication and division problems, and the second column contains the answers to those problems, but in a random order. Find the answers to each problem and draw a line to match the answer to the problem.

Multiplication and Division Cut and Paste Worksheet

You are going to play a cut-and-paste game in this multiplication and division activity. Like the previous two examples, you have to solve some multiplication and division of some basic facts.

This time, the answers will be given at the bottom of the worksheet. After finding the answers, cut them from the list and paste them beside the right problem.

Multiplication and Division Fact Family Worksheet

In the worksheet given below, you will have to solve some multiplication and division of fact families. Here, you will find three numbers given in each triangle. The number in the upper axis is the product or the whole, and its two parts are given at the base axes.

Your job is to find the multiplication and division relationship between the product, or the whole, and its two parts, or factors. The first problem has been solved for your convenience. Understanding the whole procedure and solving the rest of the problems according to it is your task.

Multiplication and Division Fill the Gaps Worksheet

The following worksheets have some multiplication and division filling the gap exercises. You may think the activity is the same as the previous one. But you have to apply some tricks to get all the problems solved.

Here, you not only have to find the product or quotient of a given problem but also have to find the multiplicand or multiplier in case of multiplication problems and dividend or divisor in case of division problems.

Multiplication and Division Two Operators Worksheet

What will happen if you solve both multiplication and division in a single problem? Sounds interesting, right? We have organized the worksheets in this section based on the above situation. Here, in each problem, you have to solve both multiplication and division.

How will you do that? Just see the following image for a detailed explanation.

Explaining Multiplication and Division with Two Operators

After understanding what you have to do, solve each of the problems given in the following worksheets.

Multiplication and Division Coloring Worksheets

We will solve multiplication and division coloring problems in the following worksheets. The multiplication and division problems here are given inside some friendly-looking fish. Also, you will notice a bubble beside each of the fish.

Solve those multiplication and division problems and write the answer inside the respective bubbles. The answers in the bubbles will either be an even or an odd number. See the coloring instructions on each page and color the respective bubbles according to the instructions.

Single Digit Multiplier and Divider Worksheet

This time, you are going to solve some three-digit multiplication and division problems. Here the multiplier and divider will always be a single-digit number.

Solve these multiplication and division problems carefully. I hope you will be able to get the correct answers for all the following problems.

Double Digit Multiplier and Divider Worksheet

Again you have to do some three-digit multiplications and divisions. But this time, both the multiplier and the divider will be a double-digit number. The following problems may look difficult at first glance.

But do not worry. Believe in yourself and start to solve these problems as you have solved the previous ones. The victory will be yours.

Simple Multiplication and Division Word Problem Worksheet

In our last activity, we will solve some simple word problems related to multiplication and division. The word problems will be different from the previous activities as the direct mathematical operation will not be provided here.

Rather, you have to make the equation yourself to find the answer. So, let’s dive into the journey of solving those problems.

Download Free Printable Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

In this article, we’ve discussed multiplication and division worksheets grade 2 using the concepts of basic facts, fact family, double and triple digit multiplication and division, and some interactive matching, cut and paste, and coloring problems. Practicing these worksheets, students will improve their skills in multiplications and divisions.

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