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How to Teach 3 Digit by 1 Digit Division without Remainders | Free Worksheet


Divisions are fun things to do. When we want to divide or separate a big number into some equal number of groups, we take the help of division.That;s why we have brought you some exciting activities to learn 3 digit by 1 digit division without remainders.

For example, if you want to divide 25 mangoes among five people, then you have to use division.

In the following discussion, you will see how to teach 3 digit by 1 digit division with remainders.

Let’s start today’s journey.

What Are Remainders in Division?

Before starting, we want to remind you of the basics of division. To do a division, you need to have two numbers.

Dividend or the number you want to divide and the divisor, the number to divide with. A perfect or proper division does not have any remainder. That means when a dividend is fully or completely divided by the divisor without any remainder, that is a proper division.

Look at the following image for a better understanding.

Explaining Long Division without Remainders

So, when does the term “remainder” enter the picture? Can you guess? Right!

When the dividend is not divided completely by the divisor, a remainder appears. The remainder is always smaller than the divisor. So, the divisor cannot divide it completely. The following image will give you more details about this topic.

Explaining Long Division with Remainders

4 Exciting Activities to Teach Your Youngsters 3 Digit by 1 Digit Division without Remainders

In today’s discussion, you will see four exciting activities to teach your youngsters 3 digit by 1 digit division without remainders. Each activity works differently from the other and each activity will require your youngsters to think differently about solving them.

Before starting all the activities, read the respective details and solve according to the instructions. Also, at the end of the discussion, you will find enough practice worksheets to enhance your skills regarding these types of problems.

Activity 1: Grid and Divide

Let’s start with a simple division problem. See the grids drawn in the following image. Here, we have a simple 3 digit by 1 digit division problem. What do you have to do? Just divide.

How will you do that? Just follow the steps shown in the image.

Using Grid for Long Division without Remainders

Activity 2: Find Missing Number

There are some division problems given in the following image. But all the digits are not present here. You have to find all the digits here. Use back calculation for finding those missing digits.

The back-calculation procedure will include arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, and, subtraction.

Finding Missing Numbers from Long Divisions without Remaniders

Activity 3: Solve the Riddle

Can you help us solve the following riddle? Here, to find the final answer, you need to solve some division problems first. Each of the results of the divisions will give you a clue about the final answer.

Find all the clues and solve the riddle-like a champ.

Solving Riddles of Long Division without Remainders to Find Hidden Words

Activity 4: Simple Word Problems

Unlike the above activities, here we are going to solve some simple word problems. The division is not directly given here.

Rather, you have to form the equation by simply understanding the word problem.

Presenting Simple Word Problems Regarding Long Divisions without Remainders

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed some fun activities regarding 3 digit by 1 digit division without remainders including various worksheets. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of divisions without remainders problems.

The free 3 digit by 1 digit division without remainders pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.


Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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