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Missing Dividend | Math Game | Free Printable Worksheet

Today, you will be able to know what the missing dividend is and will get several games to find missing dividends with your youngsters. The basic operations of mathematics are summation, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In this article, we will work with the division application of mathematical operations.

6 Free Missing Dividend Worksheets

Download the following worksheets and practice more.

Missing Dividend

Star Value

Worksheet #1

Cut & Paste

Worksheet #2

Fruits & Fun

Worksheet #3

Leaves & Branches

Worksheet #4

Board Game

Worksheet #5

Scavenger Hunt

Worksheet #6

But first, we need to know the mathematical terms related to division. This article will show you the related mathematical terms as well as the activity worksheets.

This article will be helpful for students from 3rd or 4th grade. The attached worksheets will help you and your kiddos to realize dividends perfectly.

What Is a Dividend?

A dividend is the number, value, or sum that is divided. For instance, if we need to share 6 toffies among 3 kids, we must divide the amount by 3, which will give each kid 2 toffies.

As a result, the dividend, in this case, is 6. Here, in this article, we will be able to find some funny and interactive activity worksheets regarding dividends. Actually, there are some other terms related to the division operation. The terms are divisor, quotient, and remainder. A divisor is a number that divides the dividend.

The result of the division operation is referred to as a quotient. The remainder is the amount that remains after dividing a number.

Terms of Division to get Missing Dividend

6 Fun Activities to Find Missing Dividend

With the aid of these enjoyable missing dividend worksheets, our kids will be able to study dividends quickly and interactively. These methods are quite effective. These techniques help your young champion build a strong foundation in mathematics and basic mathematical operations. The tasks are listed below.

  • Find the Star Value
  • Cut and Paste Game
  • Fruits and Fun!
  • Leaves and Branches
  • Missing Dividend Board Game
  • Scavenger Hunt


  • Print the worksheets.
  • Use card stock paper for printing where needed.
  • Take scissors and glue for cutting and pasting.

Find the Star Value Instructions

  • Gather all the children and sit with them.
  • You have some cards with missing dividend expressions.
  • Ask one of the kiddos to draw a card.
  • After drawing a card, he or she needs to solve the value of stars.
  • Other kiddos will cross-check the answer.
  • Finish the game.

Find the star value of Missing Dividend

Cut and Paste Game Instructions

  • Here, the teacher will have the cards with missing addend expressions.
  • From all the expressions, the teacher will indicate the problem to be solved.
  • Students will find the answer tokens from all the tokens provided.
  • They will paste the right token in the answer box.

cut and paste game to find Missing Dividend

Fruits and Fun Instructions

  • Here, the worksheets have fruit pictures.
  • The teacher will tell a question like- steve has 6 mangoes. He wants to divide them into 3 segments. How will he divide the mangoes?
  • Students need to find the values of fruits.
  • The first one who can give the answer will be the winner.

Fruits and Fun of Missing Dividend

Leaves and Branches Instructions

  • Teachers will have the worksheets.
  • The teacher will tell a question like- a tree has 10 leaves. It has 5 branches. How many leaves does every branch have?
  • Students need to find the values of leaves.
  • The first one who can give the answer will be the winner.

Leaves and Branches game to find missing dividend

Missing Dividend Board Game

  • Roll the dice.
  • If the student land on a picture, the teacher will give him or her a problem to solve from the worksheets.
  • If he or she can answer the problem correctly, he or she will proceed with the game. Otherwise, he or she will be stuck in that position.
  • The game will be continued in this manner.
  • The first student to finish the game will win the game.

Missing Dividend Board game

Scavenger Hunt 

  • The teacher will provide the students with 4 or 5 expressions of missing addends from the worksheets and the answer cards will be hidden in the room.
  • Students will be divided into two groups and will seek the answer cards in the room.
  • The first group that gets the answer will win the game.

Scavenger Hunt to find Missing Dividend

Download the Free Printable Worksheet

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF

When kids are creating, painting, and exploring math is so much fun. Take advantage of these enjoyable missing addend worksheets as you search for the missing addend! Please leave questions or recommendations in the comment section if you have any. I hope that these exercises benefit both you and your kids.

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