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Multiplication Tables

I wish I could find a picture of it online. Trust me, I’ve googled my little heart out. But when I learned my Times Tables, it was strictly rote memorization. We had those vintage composition books that had a bunch of information on the inside.

Included on the inside front cover was the multiplication tables 1-12. And, most of us just colored in the boxes, sometimes in a pattern. We made flash cards of our times tables, but at the end of it all, it was just memorizing.

chart of times tables 1-12

I suppose not much has changed. Kids still have to memorize their times tables.

Applying it looks a little different, much to the dismay of parents everywhere.

And, repetition and application are some of the best ways to practice and acquire memorization.

With that in mind, I’m sharing several options for multiplication tables. Some are already filled in, some are not.

times tables 1-12 with an outer space theme

The one worksheet has a place at the bottom to record the time of how long it took you to complete. For some kids, that may work to their detriment (the added pressure). You can see it below. But, hey, if that doesn’t work for you, it can be ignored or crossed out.

times table grid blank

It’s always good to have options. Some students will do better with less visual clutter on a page. Others may find that using the animals or the planets or the colors may help them with applying the information to memory.

Multiplication Charts

Depending on how the multiplication charts are organized on each specific worksheet, it may help the student and act as a visual organizer. The one with the animals has the times tables by digits, like 3 times tables, 6 times tables and so on. This can help them begin to visualize how multiplication works–by adding multiples of something.

I like the rainbow one because you can see both by number and by color how the numbers grow in multiples.

The two blank worksheets are just multiplication 1-10, which helps students achieve a level of success before really going into 2-digit multiplication.

These free multiplication table printable worksheets are only available here, and not in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. But, I have lots of other great stuff there for teaching multiplication, so make sure you take a look.

Now, let’s get to that free printable packet I promised you!

Printable Multiplication Charts and Worksheets

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