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Unicorn and Rainbow Coloring Pages

These unicorn and rainbow coloring pages are just too cute not to share. When my kids were first beginning to color, I secretly enjoyed it alongside of them. Then, adult coloring became a thing, so I jumped in with both feet.

I have a tote bag that I keep in our living room closet that has my crayons, colored pencils and various coloring books and coloring pages. It’s one of my self care things to do.

flat lay of several unicorn and rainbow coloring pages

Coloring has so much educational value!

  • Fine Motor
  • Language
  • Mindfulness
  • Sequencing (rainbow)
  • Counting (depending on picture)

And so much more! Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a filler activity in the school day. A coloring page to print comes in handy. I also used to keep coloring pages and crayons in a bin for free time and during centers when I taught Pre-K and KG.

If you read up on wikipedia about unicorns, it’s pretty interesting. I would have thought that unicorns are in Greek mythology, but it turns out that is not the case.

And, in ancient times, sometimes people would take the tusks of rhinos and narwhals, make things out of them (like a mug) and claim it came from a unicorn.

I was unable to find any documentation as to why unicorns and rainbows are so often linked together. But, if rainbows aren’t your thing, the title says unicorn and rainbow coloring pages, but not all of the pages have rainbows. Three of the 10 do not.

Rainbows and Unicorns

These could also be used to complement a science unit on rainbows. Or, use the rainbow for sequencing or for art.

Unicorns, Clouds, Rainbows and Moon

I love this assortment of unicorn coloring pages. I hope that all your kiddos enjoy them.

Here is the image gallery if you want to scroll through before you download.

I think the coloring page with the unicorn on the moon is my favorite.

Printable Coloring Pages with Unicorns

Here they are, free for use! A reminder that content on this site is copyrighted. You may use for home or school, but these may not be resold.

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