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Counting Farm Animals | 5 Easy Activities | Free Printable


This counting farm animals reader will get children to read simple sight words, count farm animals, and gluing on the corresponding number. There is something exciting about the farm. The open land, the sounds of animals, the dirt to play in, and so much more make it an exciting place for exploring and learning. Today, we can’t visit the farm, but we can read and count the animals that are there! Our little guides,  let’s jump on to it.

Before You Jump for Counting Farm Animals

Before you begin any type of practice, it is important for children to understand and visualize the counting they are doing. Here, our little champs will work on different scenarios and find the actual, required, or missing number of animals on the farm.

Activity 1: Cows! How Many Are You?

First, we will start with the entrance to the farm. Here, they are grazing in the field and taking a nice little sunbath. Now, there are cows of different colors, like red, white, black, and full black. Now, my young star seeing the following image helps the farm owner count the cows based on their colors.

Counting Cows Based on Their Colors

Activity 2: Are All the Chickens Out?

Now, to the second part of this interesting counting game. In the chicken room, there are a total of 10 chickens. It’s time for their breakfast in the morning. They have started to come out one by one from their rooms. It’s on you to see if all of them have come.

Checking If All the Chickens Have Come out for Breakfast

Activity 3: How Many Sheep are Missing?

After finishing counting the chickens, let’s go on to the sheep’s room. There are a total of 12 sheep on the farm. But three of them are very naughty and go missing from the group very often. Help the farm owners count the present number of sheep.

Finding the Number of Missing Sheep

Activity 4: Time to Count the Ducklings

Some ducklings are having the time of their lives in the farm’s pond. But as the weather is getting a little windy, they have to come out and go back to their nest. It’s up to you to see if all 6 ducklings have come or not.

Taking the Ducklings to Their Nest after Counting

Activity 5: Pi Pi Piglets! It’s Enough for Today

Finally, it’s time for the piglets to go back to their home. But before going, they must take a shower as they are covered in mud. As always, it is up to the little champ to count all the five piglets and send them for a shower.

Showering Dirty Piglets to Make Them Clean

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed various activities regarding counting farm animals. I hope these activities will help your young champ enhance his skills regarding these types of counting problems. Below are the free counting farm animals. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.


Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.





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