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11 Free Counting Money Worksheets 2nd Grade | Fun Activities

These counting money worksheets 2nd grade will help to visualize and understand counting money and number systems. 2nd-grade students will learn basic coin counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable counting money worksheets.

11 Exciting Counting Money Worksheets 2nd Grade

Please download the following money worksheets and count money on the pages.

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Counting Coins

Worksheet #1

Money in Words

Worksheet #2

Comparing Money

Worksheet #3

Count and Match

Worksheet #4

Money Making

Worksheet #5

Count and Find

Worksheet #6

Guessing Price

Worksheet #7

Find Required Money

Worksheet #8

Finding Change

Worksheet #9

Add and Subtract

Worksheet #10

Word Problems

Worksheet #11

Introduction to Coin Identification and Their Values

On your journey today, you will solve various problems related to counting money.

Before jumping on to the main event, see the following chart. Here, you will see the list of coins that have been used in our worksheets. See the coins carefully and remember their shapes, appearances, and values.

Introduction to Coin Identification and Their Values

Benefits of Counting Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade Students

Our youngsters. You all might think, what are the benefits of doing this lesson with us today? Let us explain it to you.

  • You will be introduced to and become familiar with different money types through this lesson.
  • Also, you will be able to practice after identifying all this money and do several activities based on them.
  • We are trying to provide all the money lessons in the form of various fun-filled activities. So you will not be bored and complete all the lessons with a cheerful mind.

Counting Penny, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters in Money Worksheet

Your first task is to identify each of the five coins from the following pile of coins. Also, add them to know the sum of all the coins. Use the coin identification list to do the task skillfully.

Counting Penny, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters Up to $1

You will count all the money and add it to this task. We have arranged the problems in such a way that all this money won’t be more than $1 after adding up. And the number of coins will be up to 6. So count and add.

Counting Penny, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters Up to $2

In this task, the sum will be more than $1 but not more than $2. The rest of the procedures for this task are the same as in the above discussion. This time, the number of coins will be up to 10.

Counting Money in Words Worksheet

Some amount of money will be given to these worksheets. You have to convert these amounts into words. Also, turning words into money is another thing to do for this activity.

Presenting Currency Values in Words

The first one is to convert currency values into words. This requires a strong grip on coin identification. Look at each of the questions carefully and turn them into words.

Presenting Currency Values in Money Notation

This time, convert the currency values into money notation. Some coins will be arranged, and you will have to write their values in digits.

Comparing Money in Grade 2 Worksheet

In this task, you have to compare two sets of money and find which set is the greater one. By using the greater-than (>) or less-than (<) signs, you have to show the comparisons. If both sets are equal, then put an equal (=) sign instead.

Counting Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies and Match with Answer Up to $1

Some piles of coins are given in the first column. In the second column, their values are given but not in the required order. Draw a line from each of the piles and match them with the correct values.

Money Making Matching Worksheet Up to $2

This is also a count-and-match activity. But here the values are more than $1 for each of the sets of coins. Find the value of each set and match it with the correct answer.

Count and Find Value of Coins Worksheet

See each of the given coins in the following worksheet. Count them all. While counting, write the value of each coin below them. After counting them all, add the values and find the total after adding.

Counting Money to Guess the Item Price Worksheet

This time, we are not giving you the direct price or notations of any items. You have to see each of the items and guess the price. All the items are given in pairs. After guessing, circle the product whose price you find out is higher than the other one in each pair.

Find Required Money after Counting

See the following worksheets, where each of the products is given a price.

And how much money you have for yourself is also provided. Find the amount of money you need to buy those products.

Counting Money Worksheet for Finding the Change

Suppose you bought a product and gave the shopkeeper a bigger amount. Now you are waiting for the change. This activity will be based on this criterion. Your task is to find the change that you are going to get for each of the following products.

Adding and Subtracting 2 Digit Money Worksheet

Let’s do some double-digit addition and subtraction with money. Here are some problems related to the addition and subtraction of money. Solve each of them and find the answers.

Counting Money-Related Word Problems

We are ending our discussion today by solving some simple word problems. These word problems will be a combination of all the above activities. Read the problems carefully and solve them accurately.

Download Free Printable Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed counting money worksheets 2nd grade using the concepts of money identification, counting, addition, and subtraction, and some interactive activities like matching, comparison, solving riddles, and word problems. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, 2nd grade students will surely improve their mathematical skills regarding money. and have a better understanding of coins.

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