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Alphabet Matching Game | Free Worksheets

This alphabet matching game will help to visualize and understand the words and pronounce them. Pre-schoolers and 1st-grade students will learn basic word methods and can improve their basic word skills with our free printable alphabet matching game.

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5 Funny Alphabet Matching Games for Your Youngsters

Our children will be able to learn the alphabet very easily and interactively with the help of this alphabet matching game. This approach is quite successful.

These methods should assist your young champ in learning the basics of Engish language and laying a solid foundation.

Follow the step-by-step procedures of the alphabet matching game given below.

two children trying to match lower and upper case letters

Alphabet Game by Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters 

Now comes the fun part, matching the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Each page has an uppercase letter at the top and then bubbles with lowercase letters. The children need to find the lowercase letters that match the uppercase letter and cover them up with blocks or even circle them with a dry-erase marker.

Step by step procedures of Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Draw a Line for Matching Alphabet Game

Make 4-5 groups. Every group should consist of at least 3 members. After that, distribute the activity sheets to every group. Every worksheet will consist of letters in uppercase and lowercase but the letters are not organized. They will match the uppercase and lowercase of the same letters by drawing lines.

flowchart of Drawing a line and Matching the Alphabet

A Matching Alphabet Game by Identifying the Alphabet from a Picture 

Every group of children will be provided with worksheets. Every worksheet will consist of 5 pictures with names. Children need to find the letters from the words. The teacher will monitor every group and record the finishing time of every group.

steps of identifying the alphabet from a picture

Matching the Pictures with Alphabet

Every activity sheet has letters written into boxes. Then, give him the cards. The cards contain pictures and the name of the object is written on the object. The child will match the first letter with the letters he was given.

steps of matching the pictures with letters

Matching Alphabet Game by Identifying the Letters

Give the students alphabet cards. Then, you will write down a letter on the board. After that, they will search for the same letter in their alphabet cards. The first one who finds the correct card will win the game.

Step by step procedures of Identifying the Letters

Download Free Printable PDF

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF.

So today, we’ve discussed the alphabet matching game with the concepts of matching upper case and lower case letters, matching the alphabet by drawing a line, matching the pictures, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their word skills and have a better understanding of words.

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