15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

Ready to teach trigraphs? Check out these 15 hands-on and fun trigraph activities to help your students learn shr, scr, spr, sqr, str, and thr trigraphs or consonant clusters.

Ready to teach trigraphs? Check out these 15 hands-on and fun trigraph activities to help your students learn shr, scr, spr, sqr, str, and thr trigraphs or consonant clusters.

His face screwed up into a funny frown. ssss, tttt, rrrr, ong.

“That doesn’t sound right, mom!” he sighed.

I smiled and began to explain that those three letters are called trigraphs and they only make one sound. As he finished reading his book, my mind began to race with ways we could spend some time focusing on trigraphs. Here are some trigraph activities I found and came up with.

Word Sort Trigraph Activities

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

To begin, we always started with a word sort. There are large rectangles with the trigraph written across it, and this became the pocket for all the words. The students simply have to glue three sides of the rectangle, leaving the top side unglued. Now they have a “pocket” to stick in there trigraph words.

Next, the students cut out the strips of paper with the trigraphs and pictures on them, and place them in the correct pocket.

Free Trigraph Coloring Page

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

Our second step was to grab our crayons or colored pencils and enjoy some color time. Inside each trigraph outlines are numerous pictures. My little 1st grader enjoyed hunting down the pictures that matched the trigraph on the page and getting to spend some time coloring them in.

Trigraph Spell

We begin this activity by pulling out our words from the word sort and reading them. I have my kiddo leave them out, so he can have support as he fills in squares designed to focus on his handwriting.

FREE Trigraph Mystery 

This packet allows children to be detectives as they decode trigraph words and so much more.

Trigraph Puzzle Time

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

Now that the children have been exposed to the words and pictures a couple of times, it is time to work on some puzzles.

At the top of each puzzle is a picture. At the bottom is the spelling of the word, and all the children have to do is figure out which letters go where.

Trigraphs Word Search

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

These next two are my first grader’s favorites. He loves searching for words in the midst of numerous letters, and there is such a sense of accomplishment when he exclaims, “I found them all!!”

What makes these word searches a little more challenging is that the actual word is not provided. There are pictures at the bottom of each page, and the students must find those words in the puzzle. This forces our little ones to know the trigraphs that these words start with, and they have to have a basic knowledge of how they are spelled.

There were a few times that my little man was struggling with a spelling, and we would go back to our word search pockets to help us find the answers we needed.

Crossword Puzzles

Our other favorite is crossword puzzles. Once again, a picture is provided and our kiddos must figure out where the word goes and write it in the correct boxes. Such a simple, but fun way to practice spelling words with trigraphs.

Fill in the Blank

These simple worksheets have children writing the correct trigraphs in the blanks!!!

FREE Trigraph Game Time

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

After all the seeking and finding of the last two activities, trigraph bump engages children while they read trigraph words and find their pictures.

Trigraph bump is a no-prep game that is fun and easy to play. Simply print out the game page with pictures on it, and print off the spinner. Then grab a pencil, paperclip, and numerous counters that are two different colors.

To begin playing,  Players spin the paper clip and may cover up a picture that matches that word.

If there is one marker on a picture they want to cover up they have two options….

a. Bump off that marker if it belongs to their opponent

b. Add another marker, securing that picture

The game ends when all pictures are secured. The player with the most secured pictures wins.

FREE Bottle Cap Spell from 123Homeschool4Me

I recently wrote this guest post on 123Homeschool4Me. It will be available in early February and is a freebie. All this activity requires is left over bottle caps and the printable. Now your children will be able to practice spelling all the new words they are learning.

FREE Color the Cluster by This Reading Mama

These simple worksheet pages are a fun way for children to practice reading words with consonant clusters in them, and if your child likes to color this is an awesome option.

Trigraph Handwriting Pages

These free pages have children writing trigraph words and coloring in pictures.

Trigraph Worksheet


Sometimes simple worksheet is needed for morning work, or to provide for a sub. Or maybe you need an independent activity so you can read with another one of your little ones at home. On those types of days, this activity is your go to.

Our readers look at a picture, color in the trigraph that matches it, and then writes in the trigraph on handwriting lines to correctly spell the word. It is easy. It is independent. And if you need a grade, this is a great one for that too.

FREE Trigraph Little Readers for 123Homeschool4Me

These cute little books are a wonderful way to practice reading trigraphs!

Reading Comprehension Trigraph Activities

15 Hands-On and Fun Trigraph Activities (Consonant Clusters)

Finally, we reach the hardest, but probably most important activity. The youngins are given a story to read with missing trigraph words. Their mission is to figure out which of their trigraph words best fills the blanks and makes the story complete.

This is one of my favorites because so many skills are taking place….

  1. Reading
  2. Comprehension as they have to figure out which words are needed
  3. Vocabulary – they need to know the meaning of their trigraph words
  4. Handwriting – Handwriting lines are provided and I require that the words be written correctly on the lines. I can tell you my son does not love this part of it!!

We have thoroughly enjoyed these activities, and my little guy has learned a lot. Instead of funny frowns, I’m now getting, “Hey mom, that’s a trigraph!”


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