Base Ten Blocks Printable | Base 10 Manipulatives

Base Ten Blocks Printable

Use this base ten blocks printable to teach expressions. These clip cards use base 10 manipulatives to work on building expressions. Move from number recognition to an expanded form.

For some reason, clip cards are loved around here, and so I found a wonderful way to move from number recognition with base 10 manipulatives to also figuring out expressions. 

And these clip cards are just one of my tickets for building number sense in my little ones. (You can check out a few of my other ways here.)

Anyway, today we get to continue building number sense... and for the first time in my four-year-old’s life begin to figure out expressions.

And we are doing it with base 10 manipulatives. 

Base ten blocks printable with clothespins on the answers.

Base 10 Manipulatives Clip Cards

  1. Print off the cards on cardstock, cut out, and then laminate
  2. Provide

Base 10 Manipulatives

So how did I move from just figuring out a number to figuring out expressions?

It was actually easier than you would think.

Again, we have been playing with base ten blocks for a while. If your students are not familiar with them, this scripted lesson will help you introduce base ten blocks and get your kiddos playing with them.

After they are comfortable with the value of a long, then you can move to expressions.

Base ten blocks printable with clothespins on the answers.

Base Ten Blocks Manipulatives

For each card, we started off figuring out the number. Of course, we had out our well-used and worn hundreds chart to provide extra support when he got to count the ones.

Once he had correctly figured out the number, we focused on the expressions.

For this card, we began by looking at the first expression 20 + 10 + 3. My four-year-old circled two longs first knowing that this represented 20.

He then circled 1 long to represent the ten, and finally the 3 cubes to represent the three. Since all the longs and cubes were circled, he was able to add a clip to this expression.

Next, we moved on to 30 + 3. He erased all his circles and then proceeded to circle the three longs for 30 and the three cubes for 3.

Base 10 Blocks Interactive

He excitedly added the clip since he realized this expression worked too.

Finally, we moved to the last expression. He circled one long for 10, another long for the next 10, and then the three cubes for 3.

He immediately knew that this was not the correct expression for 33 because he hadn’t circled all the longs.

We discussed that this expression equaled 23, and then moved on to the next card to go through this process again.

A little boy working on a base ten blocks printable with clothespins on the answers.

Interactive Base Ten Blocks

Later we will move on to him creating expression on his own, but this was a great start. I’m so proud of his effort, and what he is learning. 

I hope you see the same results with your children and get to watch them build number sense

Free Printable Base Ten Blocks Manipulatives

Below is your free base ten blocks printable. It is best to print them on cardstock.

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