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12 Free Picture Graph Worksheets 2nd Grade | Fun Activities

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These picture graph worksheets 2nd grade will help to develop both logical and cognitive thinking abilities. 2nd grade students will learn picture graph and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable picture graph worksheets.

12 Exciting Picture Graph Worksheets 2nd Grade

Please download the following picture graph worksheet and practice the picture graph on the pages.

12 Free Picture Graph Worksheets 2nd Grade-01

Picking Flowers

Worksheet #1

Planting Trees

Worksheet #2

Counting Apple

Worksheet #3

Analyzing Graphs

Worksheet #4

Counting Tally

Worksheet #5

Selling Lemonade

Worksheet #6

Grouping Items

Worksheet #7

Cut and Paste Activity

Worksheet #8

Analyzing Venn Diagram

Worksheet #9

Election Result

Worksheet #10

Coloring Pie Chart

Worksheet #11

Vegetable Survey

Worksheet #12

Introduction to the Concept of Picture Graph

A picture graph, also known as a pictograph, is a graph in which the data are represented by symbols or images. In addition to reading and interpreting data, students will also create their own graphs.

Picture graphs are one of the simplest ways to represent data. After going through this article, you will see different picture graph worksheets.

Benefits of Practicing Picture Graph Worksheets for Grade 2

Picture graph worksheets for 2nd grade contain a variety of tasks, including cut-and-paste, sketching, counting, and grouping, which gives your little ones the opportunity to study while having fun.

Children who study through these 2nd-grade math worksheets will gain the ability to connect the exercises to actual situations, developing both their logical and cognitive thinking abilities. They will discover how information may be represented visually using symbols or illustrations.

Your Kiddos will benefit from using picture graph worksheets in the second grade to study and notice their surroundings and the items in them. Students’ reading, drawing, and craft abilities will improve. They will also pick up the skill of grouping things in photographs.

Worksheet for Planting and Picking Flowers through Picture Graph

Emma is helping her elder sister plant flowers in the garden. Now you have to find out how many flowers Emma planted in the last few days by reading the picture graph below. Then answer the questions. Remember: each flower in the picture graph stands for two flowers.

Worksheet for Planting Trees Using Picture Graph

Noah is one of your friends who planted a lot of trees. Now find out how many trees Noah planted in the past few weeks by reading the picture graph below. Then answer the questions. Remember: each tree in the picture graph stands for two trees.

Worksheet for Counting Apple Seeds in Picture Graph

Amelia and her friends counted the number of apples and seeds they ate during a couple of weeks. The picture graph shows how many apples they ate. Look at the picture graph below and answer the questions. Remember: each apple stands for 3 apples.

Worksheet for Analyzing Bar Graph for Finding Cutest Pet

Some of my friends have pets, and they had a vote for their cutest pet. Here you will see – cat, dog, bird, fish, rabbit, and hamster. Now, look at the bar graph below, and answer the questions.

Worksheet for Analyzing Circle Graph to Distribute Pie

Oliver and his friends are hungry, but they can’t decide what to bake. Can you help them decide? Now use the circle graph of their votes to answer the following questions.

Worksheet for Counting Tally Marks Using Fruit Picture Graph

In this section, you will see apples, oranges, and bananas. Now you have to count the fruits and use tally marks to keep track of your count. Also, write the numbers the tally marks represent.

Worksheet for Selling Lemonade through Picture Graph

My friend Sophia set up a lemonade stand in her front yard. These two picture graphs compare how many cups of lemonade Sophia sold in two weeks. Read the picture graph and answer the questions below.

Worksheet for Counting and Grouping Items in Picture Graph

In this worksheet, you have to count and group the items. Here are four items you will see. I give you here a smiley key also. Remember, one smiley stands for two items. Using the key, draw the picture graph to show the number of items in each kind.

Worksheet for Cut and Paste Bakery Items in Picture Graph

I think we all like to play the cut-and-paste game. And in this worksheet, I give Yammy bakery items. At first, you have to cut and paste all the items in the correct space, then answer the questions.

Worksheet for Analyzing Venn Diagram Picture Graph Worksheet

In this worksheet, three hobbies are given- photography, playing video games, and gardening. You have to analyze this Venn Diagram and answer all the questions below.

Worksheet for Showing Election Results with Tally Picture Graph

Here are three candidates you can see. At first, you have to count and write the total votes of each candidate by tally marks. And then, using this chart you have to answer all the questions below.

Worksheet for Sorting Money Collection from Picture Graph

Four boys sold popcorn for two weeks. The list below shows how much money was collected by each boy. Use the information from the list to complete the chart and answer the questions.

Worksheet for Coloring Pie Chart Using Picture Graph

Here, four different pie charts and picture graphs are given. At the first one, you can see four different colored blocks; at the second one, four different colored pencils; at the third one, pastries in different colors; and at the last one, four musical instruments on four different colored bands. You have to color the pie chart with different colors by following the instructions on each worksheet.

Worksheet for Completing Vegetable Survey Using Picture Graph

In this worksheet, your task is to survey your family about their favorite vegetables. Then record it in this chart and answer the question below.

Worksheet for Building Questions from Picture Graph

This is a picture graph of how much Isabella rides her bike over the course of a week. Now, your task is to create six questions about the graph to ask any friend. Write them in the spaces below and complete all of your tasks.

Download Free PDF  Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed picture graph worksheets 2nd grade using the concepts of counting, coloring, analyzing graphs and Venn diagrams, grouping, pie charts, and cut-past activity. Download our free worksheets and after practicing these worksheets, the students will surely develop both their logical and cognitive thinking abilities and have a better understanding of picture graphs.

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