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SPL Words for 1st Grade | 6 Activities | Free Printables

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These worksheets on SPL words for the 1st grade will help to visualize and understand Spl words. 1st-grade students will learn basic vocabulary and can improve their basic vocabulary skills with our free printable worksheets.

Spl Words for 1st Grade

6 Exciting Worksheets for Practicing Spl Words for 1st-Grade Students

Please download the following Spl words for 1st-grade worksheets and practice words on the pages.

Sound Strategy for SPL Words

Listen to their teacher’s pronunciation before repeating it after them. Repeat it often until have a strong grasp of the pronunciation.

Sound Strategy

Match the SPL Words

Merge words and images. You have some words to match the photos, that are on the other side of the sheet.

Match the Spl Words

Draw a Line from SPL Words

After matching the words, take a test. Write many words, including spl words, and draw a line from the middle “spl” object to the actual spl words. 

Draw a Line from Spl Words

Story Time!

Tell them a story first, then print off the story paper. Circle the ‘spl’ words shown in the given photo.

Story Time!

Treasure Hunt Race with SPL Words

Read the words with the /spl/ sound while competing in a race to acquire coins (just like a pirate!).

Treasure Hunt Race with Spl Words

Get the Points Using Spl Words!

Give them a sheet to fill in the gaps, and for each correct answer, give points.

Get the points Using Spl Words!

Download Free Worksheet

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

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