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Spl Words for 1st Grade | 6 Activities | Free Printables

Word search for three-letter words (spl). Great center activity! I created this Spl Words for 1st grade when she was teaching, but other kids could also benefit from this as practice.

This spl words for 1st grade has been created to help with cluster reduction (articulation) for the three-letter consonant blend /spl/. Consonant clusters are frequently segmented before being blended back together when being taught (e.g., s…..pot > spot).

Despite this, many of our voiceless sounds (p, t, and k) transform to a voiced sound in natural discourse (e.g., spot sounds like sbot, skip sounds like sgip, sprain sounds like sbrain).  Examples:

  • splendid.
  • splendor.
  • splinter.
  • splatter.
  • Splutter.

Spl Words for 1st Grade

6 Fun Techniques to Learn Spl Words for 1st Grade Students

Many kids have reported difficulty blending the cluster while employing a voiceless sound, and the attempt to blend when using a voiceless sound doesn’t seem natural. So we created this technique to make practicing at home easier!

Sound Strategy for Spl Words

Students will carefully listen to their teacher’s pronunciation before repeating it after them. They repeat it often until they have a strong grasp of the pronunciation.

Sound Strategy

Match the Spl Words

Students like to merge words and images. The exercise not only makes them happy, but it also sharpens their memory. I gave my child some words to match the photos, which are on the other side of the sheet. My youngster will look for the words after reading them.

Match the Spl Words

Draw a Line from Spl Words

After matching the words, I want to take a test. I write many words, including spl words, and ask my child to draw a line from the middle “spl” object to the actual spl words. It’s helpful to recall the words, as these are a little difficult to memorize for children.

Draw a Line from Spl Words

Story Time!

In this process, teachers or parents can tell them a story first, then they print off the story paper. They ask students to circle the ‘spl’ words shown in the given photo.

Early literacy abilities can be developed, and sounds, words, and language can all be introduced to children through storytelling.

In addition, stories can help your child’s intellect, attentiveness, social skills, and communication abilities grow.

Story Time!

Treasure Hunt Race with Spl Words

Treasure hunting is the most interesting game for kids, right? Students read the words with the /spl/ sound while competing in a race to acquire coins (just like a pirate!).

Until one of them gathers enough coins to win, students continue to move around the board and speak.

Treasure Hunt Race with Spl Words

Get the Points Using Spl Words!

Teachers or parents can arrange a competition between the students. They will give them a sheet to fill in the gaps, and for each correct answer, they will get points.

Competition helps youngsters develop critical abilities like resilience, perseverance, and tenacity in addition to preparing them for wins and losses later in life.

They also learn how to support one another, take turns, and grow in empathy.

Get the points Using Spl Words!

Download Free Printables PDF

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children.  I prefer to offer some guidance to parents and teachers because “Spl words for 1st grade” concepts can be challenging to digest.

This is completed as children start to comprehend the spelling pattern. Many students have trouble reading Spl words since they are not familiar with them.

If we know how to teach spl words for 1st grade, students will pick them up more rapidly.

I have thus planned suitable activities with spl words for 1st grade.




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