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9 Free Greater Than Less Than Worksheets for Grade 2

This article has free printables greater than less than worksheets for grade 2, full of engaging graphics and fun activities that encourage comparison learning, and building strong mathematical sense. It’s important to learn comparison properly for grade 2 students to get a firm grip on number sense.

9 Greater Than Less Than Worksheets for Grade 2

We have 9 entertaining worksheets linked to greater than less than worksheets for grade 2 available in our article. Click the download button to download and practice.

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Decide Greater Number

Worksheet #1

Comparing Objects

Worksheet #2

Comparing Animals

Worksheet #3

Comparing Dice

Worksheet #4

Sides-Corners Comparison

Worksheet #5

Base Ten Blocks

Worksheet #6

True- False

Worksheet #7

Compare and Color

Worksheet #8

Add and Compare

Worksheet #9

All worksheets are thoughtfully made to keep kids’ visual interests so they won’t get bored. Here are a few fast methods for determining greater than and less than integers.

Greater Than Less Than Worksheets for Grade 2

Decide Which Number Is Greater Using Symbols

You must choose the greater of two random numbers on this worksheet. You have to write the correct sign in the box. Do this simple exercise from the worksheet below.

Comparing Objects Numbers

Worksheets related to this activity can be found in the section below. On both sides of the page, the same objects are presented in different quantities. You have to count them first and compare their numbers. Then put the proper indication in the middle box.

Counting and Comparing Number of Animals

Our activity was set up according to the animals. You have to find the different animal numbers from the upper box where animals are given randomly. To respond to the questions in the box below, count and compare the animals.

Do this interesting exercise from the worksheet below.

Comparing Dice with Greater Than and Less Than Symbols

This is another fun activity. Dice pairs are provided on both sides of the page. The two values of one side’s dice must be added. Then, you should add the value of the dice on the other side. The next step is to compare the two values and enter the appropriate symbol in the middlebox. Now, practice this worksheet.

Sides and Corners Comparison with Symbols

Are geometrical shapes familiar to you? For our greater than less than worksheet, we’ll use geometric shapes. A worksheet related to this activity is attached below.

Compare Base Ten Blocks Number

This is similar to the dice activity. First, you have to count the base ten blocks. Then compare the block numbers and write the correct symbol in the box. Now, practice this worksheet given below.

True False Comparing the Number

In this activity, a story is given with a number sentence. Check to see if the number sentence matches the story or not. Put a checkmark next to true if it corresponds with the story; afterwards to false if it doesn’t. Let’s practice this worksheet.

Compare the Numbers and Color the Greater One

A pair of flowers is presented as part of this activity. Each flower contains a certain quantity. You have to compare their values to determine which is greater. Then color the greater one. Now practice the activity from the following worksheet.

Add and Compare the Result

In this task, you must add two numbers. Then compare it with the one right next to it. Write the proper symbol into the circle after finding it. For your better understanding, the first one is written. A worksheet related to this activity is attached below.

Download Free Worksheet PDF

Download our compiled free worksheet and practice.

In this article, we talked about a variety of fun activities related to greater than less than worksheets for grade 2 including symbols, objects, counting animals, base ten blocks, coloring the numbers, and so on. These free printable worksheets for grade 2 will help our young stars develop their abilities in these kinds of comparing number worksheet math challenges.

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