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Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line | 7 Free Worksheets

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These worksheets on equivalent fractions on a number line will help to understand fractions and number lines. 4th-grade students will learn basic fraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable worksheets.

7 Exciting Worksheets on Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line

Please download the following equivalent fractions on a number line worksheet and practice equivalent fractions on a number line on the pages.

equivalent fractions on a number line

Find and Draw

Worksheet #1

Mixed Numbers

Worksheet #2

Mark Yes or No

Worksheet #3

Label Number Line

Worksheet #4

Find and Plot

Worksheet #5

Multiple Choice

Worksheet #6

Identify Correct Fraction

Worksheet #7

Equivalent Fractions: Definition with Examples

According to equivalent fractions, two or more fractions are considered to be equal if, following simplification, both provide the same fraction. Let’s imagine that a/b and c/d are two fractions.

If these fractions are simplified to produce comparable fractions, such as e/f, they are then equal to one another.

For instance: 1/4 = 2/8 = 3/12 = 4/16. However, it is seen that the above fractions have different numerators and denominators.

Dividing both the numerator and denominator by their common factor, we have 2÷2=1 and 8÷2= 4. So, the simplification of 2/8 is 1/4.

Equivalent Fractions Examples

Finding Equivalent Fractions on Number Line

Here, the fractions are given with number lines from 0 to 1 in this worksheet. Mark the number line with the given fraction, find the equivalent fractions and draw the number line of that equivalent fraction.

Finding Equivalent Fractions for Mixed Numbers on Number Line 

Convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions first.

Then find the equivalent fractions and draw the number line. 

Identifying Correct Equivalent Fractions on Number Line 

Mark yes if the equivalent fraction is correct; otherwise, mark no.

After determining whether the equivalent fractions are correct, mark them on the number line.

Label Number Lines with Consequent Equivalent Fractions 

Find as many equivalent fractions as you want. Mark the given fractions on the number lines.

After that, draw the number lines for the equivalent fractions.

Finding and Plotting Equivalent Fractions on the Same Number Line

In this method, first find the equivalent fraction. Then, plot the equivalent fraction on the number lines.

Finding Equivalent Fractions on Number Line Multiple Choice Riddles

This worksheet provides multiple choices of number lines with equivalent fractions. Identify the correct equivalent fractions on the number line.

Identifying the Correct Equivalent Fractions on the Number line

Look at the first problem, trace it down, and see that it’s at the exact same place as two-eighths which means one-fourth and two-eighths are equivalent. 

So, the correct answer will be the same place down as the given fraction’s number line. 

Download Free Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session. 

So today, we’ve discussed some equivalent fractions on a number line worksheets using the concepts of fractions on a number line, mixed numbers, and equivalent fractions. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their fractions, number lines, and have a better understanding of fractions.

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