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Equivalent Fraction Activity

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Your children will love these apple clip cards. They are a fun equivalent fraction activity, perfect for fall math centers! Need more fall math activities? Check out our fall math centers for upper elementary. 

It is apple season! The weather is finally getting cooler and it is time to hit apple orchards and pick apples. It is time for football and apple pies.

And to celebrate fall, I have a special apple-themed math activity. 

Today I’m sharing a fun apple equivalent fraction activity!!

Equivalent Fraction Activity clip cards on a wooden background.


 Clip cards require some cutting, but after that, they can be used over and over! 

  1. First, print off the clip cards on card stock paper. 
  2. Next, cut them out. I highly suggest laminating them. This will allow children to draw on them with dry-erase markers if they need extra support in finding the equivalent fraction. 
  3. Finally, print off the record sheet. You will need one for each student. Or you can place it in a sheet protector and use the record sheet multiple times!

Equivalent Fraction Practice

These clip cards are a great way to review equivalent fractions, but I don’t recommend starting here. 

There are so many ways to teach equivalent fractions that are fun and hands-on! 

Using food or pattern blocks is a great way to teach equivalent fractions and help. They are visual, hands-on, and if you are using food….fun to eat! 

Or really stretch your children and teach them with number lines. This method is great to use right before you teach the formula!!!

How to find the equivalent fraction

Each clip card has a picture of a fraction. The children have to figure out what fraction the picture represents. Then they have to find a fraction that is equivalent. 

In this example, the children are given a model that shows two-thirds. One way our kiddos to figure out the equivalent fraction is to divide up the model into smaller pieces. It is essential that we remind our students, that fractions are equal parts of a whole… so each piece must be equal to the other or the same. 

Once each part of the fraction is divided up, we can see that there are now six equal parts, and four of them are shaded in. An equivalent fraction to 2/3 is 4/6. 

Equivalent Fraction Activity clip card on a wooden background.

These clip cards make it that easy to introduce equivalent fractions to your kiddos. 

Equivalent Fraction Clip Cards

Below are the free equivalent fraction clip cards. You can save this activity by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

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