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How to Teach Fractions Of A Set with A Free Apple Bump Game

Teaching fractions of a set is an important part of a fraction unit. This fun apple bump game makes learning this concept fun.

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My boys are officially on my favorite math unit. I’m not sure how they ended up there at the same time, but they did!!! And I’m like a kid a Christmas time because we are going to be studying fractions!

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I love fractions! All the manipulatives, coloring, and eating make this subject so fun to explore.

So to celebrate, I created a new game for them and for your kiddos.

Fractions of a Set

Most times when we think about fractions, we think about them in terms of a whole object like pizza or a pie being divided up. It is also very important to teach our children that there is such a thing as fractions of a set.

For example, a small pack of M and M’s would be a great starting place to introduce fractional parts of a set. It is very easy to see that all the M and M’s in one pack would equal the whole or the denominator.  Next, have the children sort of the M and M’s by color. Finally, explain, or my favorite ask questions till the students realize that the number of M and M’s for each color would be the numerator. 

Let’s say a student has 12 M and M’s in a pack and three of the M and M’s are red. Then 3/12 or 1/4 of the M and M’s are red.

Prep Work For Apple Bump: Parts Of a Set Fraction Game

After a little fun with M and M’s it is time to move into a game….and the prep-work is easy!

  • First, print of the game board and fraction cards,
  • Next, cut out the game cards.
How to Teach Fractions Of A Set with A Free Apple Bump Game
  • Finally, gather up blocks or LEGO blocks in two different colors.

How to Play

The game begins with player one drawing a card. The player then looks for a basket of apples that represents that card and then places a block on that basket.

For example, if a player draws 3/8 then they find the basket with eight apples and makes sure that there are three apples the same in that basket. To challenge are kiddos, there are cards that do not match a basket. Unfornetly if they draw that card, they lose a turn.

If a child draws a card and there is already a marker on that picture they may do one of three things:

  1. Bump off that marker if it belongs to their opponent.

2. Add another marker making it secure

3. Nothing….if the basket is already secured.

The game ends when all baskets are secured. The player that secured the most baskets wins.

Teaching Points During the Game

How to Teach Fractions Of A Set with A Free Apple Bump Game

My youngest struggled with this game a little, and I found it a great way to review what a numerator and denominator is. I was constantly asking him a question like….

“You have 5/6. What is the only basket you can look at? Why?”

“Ok, you found the basket that has six apples in it, that is our whole. Now, what are you looking for?”

I was looking for an answer like,  “I’m looking for 5 apples that are the same, so I can say that 5 out of six apples have stripes.”

Sometimes I got an answer similar, and sometimes I didn’t. We still have some learning to do.

And even if you don’t enjoy teaching fractions as much as I do, I hope that you and your kiddos will have fun with this one while discovering more about fractions of a set.

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How to Teach Fractions Of A Set with A Free Apple Bump Game

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