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11 Free Identifying Money Worksheets | Fun Activities

These identifying money worksheets will help to visualize and understand money identifying process and number systems. 2nd-grade students will learn basic money identifying methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable identifying money worksheets.

11 Exciting Identifying Money Worksheets

Please download the following money worksheets and count money on the pages.

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Guess Correct Money

Worksheet #1

Write Correct Value

Worksheet #2

Matching Game

Worksheet #3

Foreign Coins

Worksheet #4

Counting Coins

Worksheet #5

Coloring Money

Worksheet #6

Money Riddles

Worksheet #7

Sorting Activity

Worksheet #8

Identify and Count

Worksheet #9

Coins and Bills

Worksheet #10

Comparing Money

Worksheet #11

Importance of Identifying Money for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Students

Before going into the main discussion, you might ask why these identifying money worksheets are necessary.

  • Because it will help you get familiar with all types of money in your region.
  • For making purchases and paying bills.
  • To know how much money you spent and what remains.

Guess Correct Money Name Worksheet

The first activity will be guessing the correct money name. In the worksheets below, some images of the USA money are given. You have to write the correct name of each of the coins.

Write Correct Value of Money Worksheet

The second activity will be writing the correct amount of money beside each coin set. In the worksheets below, some images of the USA money are given. You have to write the correct value of each of the sets. You can take help from this link to complete this task.

Know Your Coins Matching Worksheet

The third activity is almost identical to the first one. Here, we have given the values of each set of coins. However, the syntax of the sets and the values are not in the same order. Solve it by drawing a line to match a set with its correct value.

Know Your Coins

The above activity will help you learn about the coins of the USA region. To learn about coins from other regions, see the following sections.

Identify Your UK Coins

Here, play the matching game with a view to identifying the coins of the UK region. See each set of coins and find their values. After that, draw a line to match their respective values in the second column.

Identify Your Canada Coins

Again, you will play a matching game, but this time you will be playing with Canadian coins.

Count Correct Number of Coins Worksheet

Some coins are mixed in a jar. Your task is to separate each of them and count each type of coin one by one. Finally, write the correct number of each coin.

Color Different Types of Money Worksheet

This time you have to color each of the coins while counting them. See how many types of coins are given in the following worksheets. Then separate them based on their types and color each of the types according to the instructions.

Identifying Money Worksheet Riddles

Some riddles based on identifying money are given in the following worksheets. Read the clues carefully then solve each of the riddles to find the answers.

Identifying Money in Correct Order Worksheet

Here, some sets of money are given in a certain order. Identify each set of money with their correct names and write the order of each set.

Identify and Count Coins Worksheet

Some piles of coins are given. Identify and count all of them. The task is divided into two categories.

Identify and Count Same Value Coins

Here, the piles are made of the same coins. Each pile contains a single type of coin. Identify them, and after that, count them all to find their exact value.

Identify and Count Different Value Coins

This time the piles contain different types of coins. Identify them, and after that, count them all to find their exact value.

Counting Basic Coins and Bills Worksheet

Here, we have added $1 and $5 bills with some sets of coins. By utilizing your coin identification skills, count them all to find the value of each of the sets.

Comparing Money Worksheet

The last activity will be based on comparing two sets of money. Both sets are made with some coins and bills. Identify and count them all to see which set has the bigger value.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed identifying money worksheets using the concepts of money and coin identification, counting, addition, and subtraction, and some interactive activities like matching, comparison, and solving riddles. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, 2nd grade students will surely improve their mathematical skills regarding money. and have a better understanding of coins.

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