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Words with NG

A huge part of reading is phonological awareness, and in fact a large factor of a child’s reading ability is dependent on their phonological awareness.

So what is phonological awareness?

two games for students to learn the ng sound and ng words

Phonological awareness is a child’s ability to find syllables in words. It is knowing onsets (beginning sounds). And it is also being able to hear or identify rhymes.

And today, was are focusing on identifying rhymes for “ang”, “ing”, “ong” and “ung”.

“NG” Ending Words

Before we begin these games, it is important for children to understand that a digraph is two letters that combine to make a unique sound. With the digraph “ng”, you don’t hear a separate n and then a g. But they make the sound that you hear at the end of string or ring.

Once that is learned, you can have your little ones practice saying the vowels with the “ng”.

  • ang as is rang.
  • ing as in ring
  • ung as in rung.
  • ong as in strong.

Identifying NG Sounds Game

There are two games to help your little ones practice listening to and identifying rhymes. The first one is a board game with very little prep work.

This game has very little prep- work.

Teaching “-ng” Words

  • Simply print off the board game and spinner.
  • Next, cut out the spinner and use a store bought spinner or a pencil and paper clip to create a spinner.
  • Finally, grab two game pieces and you are ready to go.

How To Teach the NG Sound Game

  • To begin, a child spins the spinner. They then move up the board until the come to a word that rhymes with what they spun.
  • For example, if they landed on “-Ong” they would move to the first space and say bang. No, that doesn’t rhyme.
  • Move to king. No that doesn’t rhyme.
  • Move to song. YES! That rhymes.
  • The children continue to move up the board until they reach the end space. 
Words with NG | NG Ending Words | Free Games | Worksheets
I recommend printing and laminating these to use for a long time.

This simple game gets children reading the ending of the word as well as listening for a rhyme. It builds reading skills as well as phonemic awareness.

NG Sound

This game can be played two different ways.

If you want to keep children reading the ending and recognizing the sounds that the vowel plus “ng” make, you will want to use the cards with letters on them.

If you are only interested in having children listen to sounds, put the word cards aside for now.

Then spread them out on the floor or table upside down.

Now it is time for some fun. Have the children take turns turning over two cards at a time. If you choose the first option, your little ones will need to find the letters that match the sound for a picture they turn over. (-ong, strong)

If you choose second option, now they are looking for pictures that have the same sound. (lung, hung)

No matter which game you play, our young readers are learning the “ng” digraph and identifying rhymes all while playing fun rhyming games.

Since these free PDF games are only 4 pages each, I combined them into one document. Have fun, you’ve got this!

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