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12 Free 3D Shapes Worksheets PDF | Fun Activities

These 3D shapes worksheets will help to visualize and understand 3D shapes. 5th-7th grade students will learn basic shapes and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable 3D shapes worksheets.

12 Exciting 3D Shapes Worksheets PDF

Please download the following 3D shapes worksheets and practice them on the pages.

3D shapes

Identify 3D Shapes

Worksheet #1

Trace and Draw

Worksheet #2

3D Shapes

Worksheet #3

Roll, Slide, and Stack

Worksheet #4

Matching 3D Shapes

Worksheet #5

Characteristics of Shapes

Worksheet #6

Cross Section

Worksheet #7

Front, Top, Side Views

Worksheet #8

3D Shapes Under Nets

Worksheet #9


Worksheet #10

3D Shapes Clipart

Worksheet #11

Grid Challenge

Worksheet #12

Fun 2D Vs 3D Shapes Identification

The first activity is based on identifying 2D and 3D shapes for kindergarten students. In the following worksheets, find out whether the shape is 2D or 3D.

Also, if the shape is 2D, write the name of the shape.

On the other hand, write the name of the 3D shape. 

2D Vs 3D Shapes Identification

Now download the worksheet and practice with your kids.

1st Grade Spheres and Cubes Identification

The second activity is suitable for grade 1.

In the following worksheets, identify spheres and cubes. The given photo is an example of a sphere and a cube.

Spheres and Cubes Identification

Now download the worksheet and practice with your kids.

Shape Identification by Finding Cones and Pyramids

This activity is similar to the previous activity.

Find cones and pyramids. Also, apply a fine pink shade to the cones and a blue shade to the pyramids.

Finding Cones and Pyramids

Now download the worksheet and practice with your kids.

Simple 3D Shapes Identification for 1st Graders

This activity is so simple for the 1st graders.

The worksheet contains a lot of 2D and 3D shapes. Identify the 3D shapes and circle them.

Trace and Draw 3D Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet covers tracing and drawing 3D shapes. First, trace the shapes and then, draw those exact figures on your own.

Identifying 3D Shapes for 2nd Grade

3D shapes have already been discussed in previous discussions.

This time, recognize and provide names for several solid or 3D shapes.  See each shape, correctly identify them, and then write it down.

Identifying 3D Shapes Based on Roll, Slide, and Stack

These roll, slide, and stack printable worksheets are designed for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade to experiment, observe, and compare the movements of 3D objects. The given photo is help for understanding roll, slide, and stack.

3D Shapes Based on Roll, Slide, and Stack

Now download the worksheet and practice with your kids.

Matching 3D Shapes with Real-Life Objects

You will find some 3D shapes with real objects in the below-given worksheet. Match them with the 3D shapes.  Also, their real names are provided. Also match their real names with their shapes.

Characteristics and Properties (Faces, Edges, and Vertices) of 3D Shapes for Grade 3

In this method, learn the properties and characteristics of 3D shapes. Then do some exercises that include completing tables of real-life examples of 3D shapes with faces, edges, and vertices.

Cross Section of 3D Shapes and Identifying Planes

These cross-sections of 3D forms that are downloadable are targeted at high school students and encourage practice.

Here are some exercises that involve describing the cross-section, identifying the 2D-shaped slice, and naming the 2D cross-section formed when cut parallel and perpendicular to the base.

Front, Top, and Side Views of 3D Shapes

Explore these front, top, and side views of 3D shapes worksheet and visualize objects from different perspectives and use orthographic projection to translate 3D objects into 2D images.

Identify the front view, top view, and side view of the 3D shapes.

Identifying 3D Shapes Under Their Nets

A net can be defined as a figure in three dimensions that has been unfolded. If you want to know whether a net creates a solid, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the solid and the net both have the same number of faces and that the solid faces’ shapes correspond to the faces in the net with which they correspond in the solid.

Geometry Riddles for Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet contains riddles of 3D shapes. Read and understand the questions carefully and write the answers.

3D Shape Clip Art for Shapes Worksheet

These worksheet is helpful for recognizing a variety of 3D shapes with their images.

Grid Challenge Creating 3D Shapes

This activity is based on tracing.

In the following worksheets, trace all the shapes to complete the grid.

One cube is drawn for you.

Download the Free Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed 3D shapes worksheets PDF using the concepts of identification, tracing, drawing, matching, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after Practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their skills and have a better understanding of 3D shapes.

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