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Free Faces Edges and Vertices Worksheet | 4 Fun Activities

This free faces edges and vertices worksheet will help the students to get a primary idea of these geometric components. We have given 4 interactive worksheets with 10+ free pages.

4 Fun Faces, Edges, and Vertices Worksheet for 3D Shape Objects

Here are 4 free worksheets from where you can get a proper idea of the faces edges and vertices of different 3D objects. You can also follow the shape from a 3D anchor chart to get the idea of different shapes.

Faces edges and vertices

Identifying Shapes

Worksheet #1

Comparing Shapes

Worksheet #2

Real-Life Objects

Worksheet #3
Worksheet #4

Definition of Faces, Edges, and Vertices: Identification with Counting

Faces: It is a flat surface that creates a boundary in a three-dimensional shape. You can consider it as the sides of a shape. For example, a cube has 6 faces, and each of them is square.

See the below image carefully, the cube has 6 faces. You can identify the faces of the cube as we highlighted one of these faces.

1- Face of a cube

Edges: The edge represents the shape of a line segment where two faces intersect. Let’s take the previous example, in a cube there are 12 edges connecting two faces.

The highlighted line is in the below image. There are 12 edges in the cube. You can count them if you understand them properly.

2- Edge of a cube

Vertices: It is a point where two or more lines, curves, or edges meet to form a corner of an angle. In a cube, there are 8 vertices. Mainly, it is a point where two edges intersect.

In the below image, three edges intersect at a point. It is the vertex of that cube. Similarly, identify all other vertices of this image. There are 8 vertices here.

3- Vertex of a cube

Identifying Faces for 3D Objects

Different 3D objects of different geometric shapes have different faces, edges, and vertices. The identification is quite similar to what we described above.

Identify the 3D Shape from Its Properties

Sometimes, you may find problems where the properties of the 3D objects have been described. Suppose, a geometric shape has 5 faces, 8 edges, and 5 vertices. What can be the shape? Can you identify from the below figures?

4- Identify the 3D Shape from Its Properties

It will be a square pyramid that exactly matches the above properties.

Here is the PDF for the faces edges and vertices worksheet.

Comparison of Attributes of 3D Shapes

Compare the shape and answer the following questions. Here are some shapes that contain faces edges and vertices worksheet.

Practice this PDF worksheet for your betterment.

Faces, Edges, and Vertices in Real-Life Objects

Look at the image carefully. It is a geometric shape of a known object.

5- Faces Edges and Vertices Worksheet in Real-Life Objects

The above image has the shape of a Rectangular Prism. So, it has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices. Here is the worksheet PDF of the faces edges and vertices worksheet of real-life objects.

Practice the below PDFs for faces edges and vertices worksheet in real-life objects.

Download Practice Worksheet PDF

This is the combined practice sheet of all the worksheets together.

So, these are our faces edges and vertices worksheet. This worksheet engages in identifying and indicating faces, edges, and vertices of different 3D objects. Please, download the free printable worksheets and give them to the students for practice.

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