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Short i Sound

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My babies started kindergarten this year. My sweet twins are now fully a part of our homeschool day. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy. I know have a nine-year-old, an eight-year-old, and the twins to teach. And honestly, the responsibility of it has really hit hard this week. 

One of our first lessons is going to be CVC words and today we are doing the short i sound.

short i sound cvc words

I’m working hard to get my little guys reading. 

This week we are working on “short i” CVC words, and I wanted an emergent reader that would help them focus on the “short i” words as well as some of the sight words we have been working on. And I’m sharing it with you today. 

CVC Book for Short i Sound

With just a little cutting, this book will be ready for you to use.

  1. First, print off the pages. You may want to read through them and see if there are any you don’t want to use. If your child is not ready for those, then you can save some ink and not print those. 
  2. Next, cut them out.
  3. Finally, staple them together or place on a ring and you are ready to go!

Here is the CVC book to practice the “short i” words.

Practicing CVC words

Before I pulled this book out for my twins to read, we did some CVC practice. 

We began by building the word kid. I emphasized the sound of each letter, while my twins told me the letter and found it in their letter pile. 

child reading a book

Once we built the word kid, we began playing with that word. At first, I had the make rhyming words like Sid and hid. 

Then we went back to the word kid and changed it to kit. Teachers, this is a tough one…..but an essential skill when we want our children to move past reading word family words. 

If you are building words, here are some words you may want to work on. 

  • kid
  • kit
  • hit
  • sit
  • six
  • fix
  • mix
  • bin
  • wins 
  • pig
  • digs

Previewing Short i Sight Words

After reviewing CVC words, we then turned our focus to the sight words we have been working on. Diligently we have played games with some simple sight words that are found over and over in easy reading and harder books. 

While I’m reading to them, I have pointed out these sight words and they have been amazed to see all the places these special words showed up. 

But right before we began to ready, I grabbed some index cards. I wrote down the sight words that are found in this book, and we played “Match it”. You know, that fun game where you turn over two cards at once and see if they match. What is awesome, is that even if they don’t match, they had to read the word… we were getting a lot of great reading practice!!!

The words you may want to include in a game are……

  • a
  • and
  • the
  • will
  • is

CVC Picture Walk

Adding a walk is a great adventure for a child or class. It engages other motor movement besides sitting at a desk and offers that multisensory learning experience that many children crave.

Let the child describe what they see, and have them practice saying the “short i” word that is being represented. 

When my little boy got to the picture of the car, he wanted to tell me about the car. This was a great time to discuss what was happening in the picture, and for him to see that someone was fixing the car. 

Teaching our children to read is a wonderful privilege, and I hope this book helps you as you focus on “short i” words. “

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