Digital Adding Practice Within 10

This digital adding practice is perfect for learning addition facts to 10.

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Digital Adding Practice Within 10

Some children need lots of practice when it comes to learning their addition facts. My little girl is one of those. So as we are trying to master our addition facts within 10, I knew we needed some new adding practice.

And some new Google Slides seemed just the thing.

Adding Practice:

Digital Adding Practice Within 10

One of my favorite ways to build number sense is with the hundreds chart. But a hundred chart may be a little overwhelming for some kiddos. So these Google Slides only have the numbers to 20, but it gives them a great introduction to seeing numbers in order and how to use the hundreds chart.

Each slide, gives the child an addition problem. They then use the yellow and red circles to help them solve the problem.

In this example, the child used three yellow circles and then one red circle to show that 3 + 1 = 4.

Hands-On Practice:

As much as I love Google Slides, I also enjoy letting children play with real manipulatives when possible. So I printed off some of the slides and laminated them. This way, my little girl was able to use real transparent circles to figure out the answer.

I also liked how she got to practice writing her numbers, instead of just typing them in. It was a good change alternative to using the computer.

Either way, she was getting in adding practice and building number sense.

A win, win!

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Digital Adding Practice Within 10

Get more addition practice with the rest of the bundle…number bonds, ten frames, number lines, and dominoes included!

Digital Adding Practice Within 10

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