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In this article, I am going to introduce prime and composite number game for our youngsters. Children sort numbers into two categories and justify their placement in each category as they complete these composite and prime numbers games.

It is the logical progression. It’s time to go right into learning about prime and composite numbers once our kids have mastered multiplication and division. And this practice with composite and prime numbers helps kids understand these two crucial ideas.

Prime & Composite Number Games for Your Youngsters

Our children will be able to learn the prime and composite numbers very easily and interactively with the help of this prime and composite number game. This approach is quite successful. This method should assist your young champ in learning basic math operations and laying a solid calculating foundation. indicating prime and composite numbers in prime and composite number game

Prime & Composite Number: Definition

It’s important to understand what a prime number and a composite number are before we begin the exercise. Before playing prime and composite number game, I like the explanations of prime and composite numbers. “A whole number larger than 1 that cannot be produced by multiplying other whole numbers” is referred to as a prime number. For instance, you cannot multiply any whole number by anything other than 3 to get to 3. It’s as simple as 1 x 3 Equals 3! A composite number, however, is defined as “A whole number that can be created by multiplying other whole numbers.” For instance, multiplying 2 and 2 can result in the number 4.

indicating prime and composite numbers in prime and composite number game

3 Fun Games to Find Prime & Composite Numbers

  1. Prime and Composite Number Igloo Game
  2. Board Game to Find prime and Composite Number
  3. Prime and Composite Number Bingo Game

Prep Work

  1. Print out the PDF attached to this article.
  2. Then cut them out and laminate them.
  3. Cut some colorful paper into small pieces.

Prime and Composite Number Igloo Game Instructions

  • First, children will gather together and sit down.
  • 2 or 3 players will make a group. 2 groups are required.
  • Every group will receive 15 cards.
  • Two boards need to be set called “Prime Number” & “Composite Number
  • At first, teacher will make a toss. The winning team will draw a card first.
  • Then, they will discuss if the number written on the card is prime or not.
  • After that, they will place the prime number card on the prime number board and the composite number card on the composite number board.
  • The teacher will calculate how many correct cards are placed on the correct board and the winner will be declared.

How to play prime and composite number game

Board Game Instructions to Find Prime and Composite Number

  • Children will begin the game by rolling the dice. There will be a board on which they will play the game. One player will start the game from the start position.
  • When a player lands on a picture, he or she will draw a card. (Use the cards of igloo game here) The cards will contain a number. The player will say if the number is prime or not. Player 2 will crosscheck the result.
  • When a player successfully says the number is prime or not he or she will proceed with the game.
  • If the player cannot say the correct answer, he or she will be stuck on the same place.
  • Every player will play the game in the same manner.
  • The player who comes to the finish line first will win the game.

How to play prime and composite number game

Prime and Composite Number Bingo Game Instructions

  • First children will sit down and player 1 will roll a dice.
  • This game will be played on a bingo board.
  • After rolling a dice, players will land on a number. They need to say the number they landed on is prime or composite.
  • If he or she can recognize the number successfully, he or she will get permit to proceed.
  • Player 2 will also follow the same procedure.
  • Lastly, the player reaches the end of the board will win the game.

How to play prime and composite number game

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following PDF and play with your kiddo with joy.


Enjoy working on these prime and composite number game. If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, feel free to write them down in the comment box.

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