BUMP Game for Ocean Animals

Heading to the beach and want your kiddos to learn the names of ocean animals they might see? Check out these fun, and exciting BUMP games.

BUMP Game for Ocean Animals
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It’s the time of year for the beach. For soaking up the sun, building sand castles, and splashing around in the water with the million of creatures that live there. Though I prefer to not have something touch me while I’m swimming around in the vast open water, part of beach fun is to explore the numerous animals that live there. I didn’t use to think of that as part of beach fun till my four curious children came along and explored the beach with their never-ending question of, “What is this?”

I have never been one to study nature, so I’m horribly lacking in my knowledge of all the wonderful creatures that God created. Since my little ones are rightly thrilled with what God made, it is time for me and them to do so learning.

Beginning Learning About Ocean Animals

We began by checking out an enormous amount of books from the library about oceans. There are so many awesome lists like the one from Harringotn Harmonies that gave us a great place to start and can help you as you begin to prepare to learn. We personally loved the bright colors and descriptions of Discover Science: Ocean and Sea.

Once all the books were checked out we read and read and read, and then read some more. There is so much to learn, and my boys soaked up numerous facts.

Did you know that the reason corals are bright and colorful is because of the algae? Or that a saltwater crocodile carry their babies in their mouth? It looks like she is eating them, but no worries she is just carrying them to the safety of the water.

Game Time

Now came the fun, to see if any of us could answer the joyous question of, “What is that?”

I pulled out one of our favorites, a BUMP game, and we were ready to test our new knowledge.

The game board is filled with colorful animals, and the inserts for the learning cube have the animal names on them. As I threw the die across the living room floor (It is almost like we are doing suicides when we play games with the large dice. I throw it far and they run to get it and then run back. I love it when I can burn any of their energy.)I loved hearing their laughter and calls for the animal they wanted.

“Oh, I hope I get an anemone.”

“Come on, roll me an urchin.”

” Moon snail, please. Moon snail, please.

How to Play Ocean Animals BUMP

  • To begin, player one rolls the large die. The player then finds the animal that matches the word on the die. They then do one of the following.

a. Covers up the blank animal with their game piece.

b. Place a second game piece on an animal making it secure. They can only do this if it was them that covered up this animal earlier.

c. Bump off the game piece belonging to their opponent and place their game piece on the animal.

d. Nothing! The answer is already secured.

  • Next, player two does the same thing.
  • The game continues until all answers are secured. The player with the most secured answers wins!!!!!

The next time we scour the beach looking for little creatures, all of us will be more prepared.

I probably won’t hear as many, “What is this?”

I’m really looking forward to hearing more of, “Look mom, it’s a __________.”

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BUMP Game for Ocean Animals

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