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CVC Cut and Paste | 2 Fun Games | Free Printables

In this article, I will show your youngsters some exciting CVC cut and paste games. These activities will help your youngsters from preschool and 1st grade to learn basic CVC word skills and pronounce and write those words correctly.

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Cut and Paste Game Instructions

Cut and paste games are easy to play. To play the game properly, you need to follow the below-given rules.

  • Print the free provided CVC cut and paste worksheets given in PDF format.
  • You can print the games on normal paper.
  • Take safety scissors and cut the instructed part.
  • Read the given words and try to match them with the answers given in the previously cut sheets.
  • Take a sticky glue and stick the correct answer in the worksheet.

Look at the following image. The fluffy cat can go to play if you complete its name in the below-given gap.Explaining Cut and Paste Game But the naughty spider is wreaking havoc. Can you free the correct letter from its clutch and stick it into the gap? I bet you can.

If you are able to do this then, you have understood the basics of cut and paste game and now proceed forward.

2 Exciting CVC Cut and Paste Games for Your Youngsters

As the CVC words are made with a consonant, vowels, and consonants, all the CVC words are single-syllable words. You can pronounce the sounds in a single turn.

In the following section, you will find two exciting CVC cut and paste games for your kindergarten-going youngsters. Read details before playing each game. After solving the games, go through the free worksheets to enhance your ability.

Fill the Gaps to Play CVC Cut and Paste Game

 See the following image. Some pictures of cute animals are given. But their names are not complete. Some words are missing.

You can find the words in a random order in the following. Just cut the letters and stick them into the correct gaps.Using Cut and Paste Method to Fill the Gaps

Stick the Pictures to Play CVC Cut and Paste Game

Unlike the previous activity, no fill-in-the-gaps will be given here. Rather you will find pictures of some random elements.

Also, the name of each element will be provided randomly, below the image. Cut the names and stick them beside the right pictures.Utilizing Cut and Paste Method To Stick the Pictures Beside Correct Names

Download Free Printable PDF

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF.

So today, we’ve discussed CVC cut and paste games using the concepts of a cut and paste a single letter or a whole word from analyzing given clues. Download our free printables, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their word skills and have a better understanding of word spelling and pronunciation.

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