3 Letter Blend Words | Free Printable

These 3 letter blend words worksheets will help to visualize and understand 3 letter blend words. 1st grade students will learn basic words and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable 3 letter blend words worksheets.

using words to describe 3 Letter Blend Words

What Are Blend Words? 

A word blend is created by combining two different words with dissimilar meanings to create a new word. These terms are frequently made up to describe a new phenomenon or creation that combines the characteristics of two different things.

6 Exciting Worksheets for Learning 3 Letter Blend Words

Please download the following 3 letter blend words worksheets and practice words on the pages.

Scr Words Are Fun to Play with! 

Make a task card of Scr words and practice the words with the students. Repeat the words after carefully listening to them. 

using scr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Memorizing Shr Words

Create a plan to help children memorize the words more quickly.

Write some “shr” words, for example, and draw a picture of it before memorizing it.

using shr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Sound Strategy of Spl Words 

Listen to the teacher’s pronunciation before repeating it after them.

Repeat it often until have a strong grasp of the pronunciation.

using spl words to describe 3 Letter Blend Words

Task Card of Spr Words

Make some task cards with pictures of Spr words and match the photo to the word.

using spr words to know 3 Letter Blend Words

Recognizing Str Words 

Now it’s time to learn some str words that can enrich students’ word skills. Memorize certain “str” words, write some down with pictures of them.

using str words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Are you Ready to find Thr Words?

Assigned a project to learn “thr” words. Offer a spelling list to practice memorizing with me. Recognize words that start with “thr” in this way.

using thr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Download Free Printable Task Cards

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed 3 letter blend words worksheets using the concepts of memorizing, recognizing, finding. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their vocabulary skills and have a better understanding of 3 letter blend words.

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