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3 Letter Blend Words might be challenging to understand, so I’ve created some enjoyable activities. This is done as children start to learn the spelling pattern. Words with three consonants close to each other are referred to as “three-letter blends.”

Learning these terms can help students learn the pronunciation because they have similar sounds in all the words they are in. Children who are in kindergarten, grade 1, or grade 2 must practice 3 Letter Blend Words like they would any other phonic sound to learn the sound and identify the letters that compose it.

using words to describe 3 Letter Blend Words

What Are Blend Words? 

A word blend is created by combining two different words with dissimilar meanings to create a new word. These terms are frequently made up to describe a new phenomenon or creation that combines the characteristics of two different things.

Blend Words Types

Word blending can be done in a variety of ways. One strategy is to create a new term by combining parts of two other words.

The smallest units of meaning in a language, morphemes, are these word fragments. For instance, the word “brunch” combines the words “breakfast” and “lunch.” Another way to make words blend is to combine a full word with a part of another word (called a splinter).  Another way to create word blends is to overlap or combine phonemes, which are the components of two words that have a similar sound.

“Spanglish,” a colloquial blending of spoken English and Spanish, is an illustration of an overlapped word combination. Blends can also be created by leaving out phonemes.

Some Basic Examples

  • brunch = breakfast + lunch.
  • biopic = biography + picture.
  • glimmer = gleam + shimmer.
  • camcorder = camera + recorder.
  • motel = motor + hotel.
  • sitcom = situation + comedy.
  • clash = clap + crash.
  • smash = smack + mash.

Use of Blend Words

  • By combining several sounds, or phonemes, to create words, blending is a technique used to help kids in kindergarten learn to read.
  • Learning how to sound out words by blending sounds will help students in the 1st or 2nd grade comprehend long and challenging words when they are reading.

6 Fun Activities for Learning 3 Letter Blend Words

The excitement and relaxation that games provide for students help them learn and recall new phrases.

Games usually have friendly competition and keep the class interested. Through these activities, our children are encouraged to participate and take an active role in their learning.

Scr Words Are Fun to Play with! 

Task cards help learn new words. Teachers or parents can make a task card of Scr words and practice the words with the students. Students repeatedly repeat the words after carefully listening to them. It enhances their word knowledge.

using scr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Memorizing Shr Words

Word recall is difficult for children. Right?

Parents might create a plan to help children memorize the words more quickly.

They might write some “shr” words, for example, and ask their kids to draw a picture of it before memorizing it. In this approach, kids can concentrate better, and painting can improve their interest in learning words.

using shr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Sound Strategy of Spl Words 

Students will carefully listen to their teacher’s pronunciation before repeating it after them.

They repeat it often until they have a strong grasp of the pronunciation.

using spl words to describe 3 Letter Blend Words

Task Card of Spr Words

Children love matching puzzles like those shown in the given photo. So I decide to make some task cards with pictures of Spr words and ask my child to match the photo to the word.

using spr words to know 3 Letter Blend Words

Recognizing Str Words 

Now it’s time to learn some str words that can enrich students’ word skills. Before having their children memorize certain “str” words, they can write some down with pictures of them.

Kids may focus more easily using this method and increase their enthusiasm for word acquisition.

using str words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Are you Ready to find Thr Words?

The school assigned my child a project to learn “thr” words. So I believe I should use entertaining activities to teach her. I offer my child a spelling list to practice memorizing with me. She can recognize words that start with “thr” in this way.

using thr words to learn 3 Letter Blend Words

Download Free Printable Task Cards

Because 3 Letter Blend Words can be difficult to understand, I like to give some advice to parents and teachers. Once kids begin to understand the spelling pattern, this is done.

Because they are unfamiliar with 3 Letter Blend Words, many students struggle to read them. Students will learn 3 Letter Blend Words more quickly if we know how to teach them. That’s why I have prepared appropriate task cards for them.

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children.



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