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Thr Words for Grade 2 | 6 Fun Activities | Free Printables

What do the words through, throw, and three all have in common?

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They all start with the same three letters, “thr.” When we put the letters “thr” in a word, they combine together to make one sound; these are called trigraphs.

And just like any other phonics sound, children need to paly around with “Thr Words for Grade 2” to learn the sound and recognize “Thr Words for Grade 2” that make that sound. And today, I have these fun “Thr Words for Grade 2” games to help children learn the trigraph “thr”.

Some Thr Words for Grade 2-three, threw, throb, throe, throw, thrum.

Children learn thr words

6 Fun Activities for Learning ‘Thr’ Words

Students benefit from games’ relaxation and enjoyment, which makes it easier for them to learn and remember new terms. Games usually involve friendly competition and hold students’ attention. These activities encourage our kids to get involved and take an active role in the learning activities.

Spelling Game Words with THR

My kindergarten kid has been given a task from school to learn “thr” words. So I think I should teach her through fun games. Firstly, I give my kid a spelling sheet to read with me and try to memorize. In this way, she can recognize words with “thr.” 

Words which helps learning  thr words


Memorizing Words with ‘thr’

Word memorization is difficult for children. That’s why I want to play a card game with my child to make it easier. For example, teachers or parents could make some cards like the one given and give them to the students. Then they ask for a particular word and ask the students to find that card.

Word memorizing helps to know  thr words


‘Thr’ Words with Numbers

Children love to play with numbers. It can benefit both their word and math skills. It helps little ones to develop their knowledge through fun and other activities. Teachers and parents can follow the games to teach our youngsters.

using numbers to know  thr words


Spinning Words with ‘Thr’

Spinning is an interesting game. Right? Players set their discs in the grid according to their preferences and then spin the column to align them. To win, they must get four in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Now it’s time to make a spinning wheel with the teachers or parents. The teachers will spin the wheel, and the students will say the word with ‘thr’.

Using spin to know thr words

Find Missing words with ‘Thr’

It’s time to update the methods. So that students can elaborate on their knowledge with words. Finding the missing words is a challenging game for children.  Teachers create a sheet of fill-in-the-blank questions and instruct students to write the correct answers on the sheet.

Find missing words to know thr words


Choose the Correct ‘Thr’ Word

When someone uses the wrong term, their original meaning is not delivered. The listener becomes misunderstood due to poor word choice. It can occasionally make things awkward and confusing. An incorrect word might occasionally have no meaning.

That’s why we need to teach our kids correct words through simple activities. The given example can help the little ones to learn words.

Choosing words to know   thr words for grade 2


Download Free Printable PDF

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children. It’s a great idea to have fun with kids while teaching them. It helps them be focused and enhances their knowledge. The extra practice makes the students more intelligent and helps them to know Words with Thr.

Have a wonderful day! 



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