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5 CVC Short Vowel Games | Word Game | Free Worksheets

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In this article, I will show some CVC short vowel games with free printable. These activities will help your kiddos from preschool and 1st grade to learn basic word skills and pronounce words correctly.

5 Exciting CVC Short Vowel Games for Your Youngsters

Our children will be able to learn pronunciations very quickly and interactively with the help of these CVC short vowel games. These approaches are quite successful. These methods should assist your young champ in learning the basics of English learning and laying a solid foundation.

Follow the step-by-step procedures for the CVC short vowel games given below.

A girl is playing CVC Short Vowel Games

CVC Short Vowel Digraph Game

Make your students read the words loudly. If they need any support, provide them. Gently guide their fingers and make them pronounce the words slowly. then, move the fingers quickly and put all the sounds together.

Steps of CVC Short Vowel Diagraph Game

CVC Short Vowel Matching Game

Children are shown a series of images in this game that each represent a word with a short vowel. Matching the picture to the appropriate short vowel sound is the goal. For instance, the youngster would need to match the picture with the letter “a” to form the word “cat” if it represented a cat.

CVC Short Vowel Matching Games

CVC Short Vowel Word Builder Game

In this game, kids must use letter tiles to create words. The youngster must utilize the letter tiles to create new words, such as “log” or “dig,” by starting with a basic word like “dog” in the game.

CVC Short Vowel Word Builder Games

CVC Short Vowel Game with Word Sorting 

In this game, kids are given a list of words to sort according to the short vowel sounds in each word. Words like “rat,” “mat,” and “cat,” for instance, would all fall under the “a” sound.

CVC Short Vowel word Sorting Games

Write the Word CVC Game

This one aids students in sound segmentation for proper CVC word spelling. The word must be entered on the recording sheet whenever a student lands on a picture.

CVC Short Vowel write the word Games

Download Free Printable PDF

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF.

So today, we’ve discussed CVC short Vowel games using the concepts of a digraph game, a matching game, a word sorting game, and writing the word game. Download our free printables, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their word skills and have a better understanding of subtraction.

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