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CVC Short Vowel Games | Word Game | Free Worksheets

In this article, I will show some CVC short vowel games with free printables. These activities will help your kiddos to pronounce words correctly.

My sweet kindergarteners have been working so hard on their CVC or short vowel words. And they have become quite successful with this.

Isn’t it a joy to teach your young ones and get to be apart of watching them learn to read? Well, as we have gotten better at those CVC words, it is time to add some new sounds.

We are now adding digraphs to our short vowel words. And this low prep games was just one way we practiced these new sounds. A girl is playing CVC Short Vowel Games

5 Exciting CVC Short Vowel Games for Your Youngsters

Our children will be able to learn pronunciations very quickly and interactively with the help of these CVC short vowel games. These approaches are quite successful. These methods should assist your young champ in learning the basics of Engish learning and laying a solid foundation.

Follow the step-by-step procedures for the CVC short vowel games given below.

  1. Digraph Game
  2. Short Vowel Match
  3. Short Vowel Word Builder
  4. Word Sorting Game
  5. Write the Word CVC Game

Prep  Work

I love games that are easy to prepare, and this digraph game is one of those.

  1. First, print off the game boards and word cards. I recommend card stock paper as it will hold up better.
  2. Next, cut out the word cards and slide them into large learning cubes.
  3. Finally, gather up some game pieces or let your child choose their favorite LEGO Block character.

Digraph Game Instructions

Now it is time for some reading. I decided to get in some movement with the game and had them gently toss the die across the room. Then they ran to the die, picked it up, and without moving the die, ran back with it.

Next, I asked them to read the word. My twin boy could quickly read it, but my twin girl needed a little support.

Gently I would guide her fingers under each letter or diphthong and she would make the sounds. (Remember that the sh, ch, and th make one sound. Our little ones should not be making the s sound and then the h sound.)

Then, we quickly moved her finger under the whole word as she put all the sounds together. Finally, they would move their game piece up until they landed on the word they had just read.

Steps of CVC Short Vowel Diagraph Game

Short Vowel Match Instructions

Children are shown a series of images in this game that each represent a word with a short vowel. Matching the picture to the appropriate short vowel sound is the goal.

For instance, the youngster would need to match the picture with the letter “a” to form the word “cat” if it represented a cat.

Children can play this game to help them understand how a letter and the sound it represents are related.

CVC Short Vowel Matching Games

Short Vowel Word Builder Game Instructions

In this game, kids must use letter tiles to create words. The youngster must utilize the letter tiles to create new words, such as “log” or “dig,” by starting with a basic word like “dog” in the game.

Children may learn about word construction and how various letters can alter a word’s sound and meaning by playing this game. You can use your own letter tiles or can print the letters providing in the pdf.

CVC Short Vowel Word Builder Games

Word Sorting Game Instructions

In this game, kids are given a list of words to sort according to the short vowel sounds in each word. Words like “rat,” “mat,” and “cat,” for instance, would all fall under the “a” sound.

You can make these kind of columns on your blackboard or notepad. With the aid of this game, kids may classify words according to their vowel sounds and identify word patterns.

CVC Short Vowel word Sorting Games

Write the Word CVC Game Instructions

This one aids students in sound segmentation for proper CVC word spelling. The word must be entered on the recording sheet whenever a student lands on a picture.

CVC Short Vowel write the word Games


Just as a heads up, these digraphs sounds can be difficult to make for little ones that struggle with speech. I spoke to my daughter’s speech teacher regarding this, and she offered this advice.

Definitely practice making the sound correctly, but once they begin reading the words don’t harp on it. As hard as it can be, try not to worry too much if your child is mispronouncing the “th” in words while she reads aloud–UNLESS it is affecting their comprehension of the word. (ex: If they interpret “three” as “free”).

If they are comprehending the word while they are reading it and reading it correctly in context then don’t worry too much about the mispronunciation of the sound or word itself.

Knowing that my little girl is working on these sounds in reading, her speech teacher is now incorporating them into her speech instruction time. And hopefully, in the near future, she will be reading and saying her digraph words beautifully.

Download Free Printable PDF

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF.

The thing is so much fun when kids are creating, painting, and exploring. Have fun learning with these interesting games by playing the CVC short Vowel games! In the comment box, feel free to ask any questions or offer any suggestions.

You’ve Got This!!

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