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45 Multi Digit Division Word Problems | 5 Free Worksheets

The act of dividing a quantity or number into equal parts is known as division. For example, when 16 is divided into two equal groups, 8 are found in each.

Multi digit division word problems are short passages presenting a “real-life” situation where an issue needs to be solved using math.

5 Exciting Practicing Multi Digit Division Word Problems Worksheets

The fear of division is fading away now, as kids spend more time understanding how division works than simply memorizing the formula.

That is why I created some interactive multi-digit division word problems.

multi digit division

Farm Activity

Worksheet #1


Worksheet #2

Task Card

Worksheet #3

Division Problems with Remainders

Worksheet #4

Art Exhibition

Worksheet #5

Farm Activity!

I have a farmhouse in my village where I used to go on vacation with my family every year. This time I think I set up an activity on how to divide 2 digits by 1 digit to teach my son. It will help him learn about division while also keeping them occupied with the pets. We have 20 cows in total. We built four small cattle houses.

Now teachers or parents can ask them about the word problem shown in the given photo.

using 2 digit to describe Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Let’s Go for a Picnic!

Schools are closed for an extended period of time following the examination. So we decided to go for a picnic. This kind of outdoor activity helps to refresh children’s minds as well as teach them math activities.

I used to ask them two questions about the division of 3 digits by 1 digit and 3 digits by 2 digits and then they would solve the problems.

using 3 digits to describe Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Here is another example!

using another example to describe Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Task Card Divison for Grade 4

Teachers or parents can give some task cards to the students to solve the word problems shown in the photo. It’s a meaningful way to solve math problems while keeping them entertained.

using 4 digits to learn Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Divide 5 Digit by 2 Digit with Remainders

It is now time to learn how to divide with a remainder. It is more challenging for students, which is why they should be more attentive while learning this method. The example is given in the photo.

using 5 digits to learn Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Art Exhibition

A chance to be inspired exists during an art display. Students are exposed to the creations of various artists and learn about their techniques.

They are given the chance to examine the world from new angles and are exposed to new viewpoints. That’s why I decided to take my son to an art exhibition to teach him about division problems.

using theme to describe Multi Digit Division Word Problems

Download Free Printable Worksheet

One of the more challenging concepts for children to learn is Multi-Digit Division Word Problems. These division worksheets start with extremely simple issues to make it easier to overcome this barrier, just like the other long word problem worksheets on this pdf. Our interactive worksheet contains all the activities discussed in this article, along with some extra exercises for our kids to sharpen their brains.

We also added some theme-based multi-digit division word problems. Download this free PDF to unlock those chances!

Download the pdf and enjoy learning Multi-Digit Division Word Problems.

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