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Diphthong Game

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Want a fun way to work on diphthongs? Check out this low prep, diphthong game that encourages children to read diphthong words and find matching pictures.

I love the sound of my babies laughing and having fun. I love their excited yells when they win a game. And it is fun listening to them call out the number or word they want their dice to land on.

Games! They are fun. They add excitement to a school day and give children a chance to relax and have fun.

But why do them?

Most children will balk at doing any school task over and over. Sometimes it is needed, though. They need more exposure to a specific word family.

They may need to practice their newly learned math skill at least a gazillion times. Games are a chance to practice and have fun at the same time.

Diphthong game on a wooden background.

What are Diphthongs

My first grader has slowly been working his way through diphthongs. These are words that have two vowels that form one sound. They are all over the place in words such as look, joy, and draw, and are an excellent study to help improve reading skills.

Knowing this, we began by using an interactive notebook to help us read diphthongs and learn their meanings. In addition, there have been word sorts and then fill-in-the-blanks to further vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Now we need to begin the review process and have fun reading the words.

After the games, we will work on spelling diphthongs with crossword puzzles and word searches…..but first to the game!

You can get all my diphthong activities in one easy download here.

Diphthong Practice

I created a free diphthong game that requires almost no prep. This is a great activity for teaching diphthongs.

All you have to do is…

  1. First, print off the game board and word cards – use card stock and laminate for more durability
  2. Next, cut out the word cards and insert them into a learning cube
  3. Finally, grab game markers and kiddos that need to practice diphthongs.
Diphthong game on a wooden background. A hand is holding a green playing piece.

Diphthong Game Rules

Now that the prep part is done, it is time for the rules that are just as simple.

First, the children take turns rolling the learning cube, reading the word, and then moving to the next picture that corresponds with the word they rolled. The first person to roll the word haunt and be able to move into the last space is the winner.

Games are an incredible way to learn. Most noteworthy, they can challenge our children to learn and think in new ways that wouldn’t happen with a worksheet. We hope you enjoy this game as much as we have.

You’ve Got This

Printable Diphthong Game

Use this diphthong activity to practice AU and AW. To download this free printable click on the download button.

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