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Free Thanksgiving Math Activities for Preschoolers | 12 Worksheets

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These Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers will help to visualize and understand counting and number systems. Preschoolers will learn basic counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable worksheets on Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers.

12 Interactive Worksheets to Practice Thanksgiving Math Activities for Preschoolers

Please download the following Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers and practice problems on the pages.

Thanksgiving Math Activities for Preschoolers

Counting Game

Worksheet #1

Thanksgiving Dinner

Worksheet #2

Coloring Game

Worksheet #3

Turkey Cooking Game

Worksheet #4

Recognize Math Symbols

Worksheet #5

Measure Turkey

Worksheet #6

Pie Fraction

Worksheet #7

Turkey Racing Game

Worksheet #8

Addition and Subtraction 

Worksheet #9

Thanksgiving Riddles

Worksheet #10

Pumpkin Card

Worksheet #11

Cut and Paste Game

Worksheet #12

Turkey Counting Game for Thanksgiving Math Activities

Give a worksheet containing the color names and a number for each color on a cup.

  • Suppose you have five kinds of pompoms, such as green, orange, yellow, blue, and red. 
  • Separate each color’s pompoms according to their number.
  • If yellow is the number 6, kids will put 6 yellow pompoms in the cup.

Turkey Cups Counting Game for Thanksgiving Math Activities

This worksheet contains a counting game after the first. Determine the cup’s number, then count and fill the cups with the proper proportion of red pom-poms.

Counting Game on Thanksgiving Dinner Table

In this method, choose a Thanksgiving card for dinner.

Some numbers are written on the cards. The foods are also attached with their corresponding numbers.

After choosing cards, find the food with the corresponding number and enjoy.

Count and Clip Turkey Cards for Thanksgiving Math Activities

Play the Count and Clip game to help your preschooler memorize math skills with Thanksgiving math exercises. Get cards with images of turkeys on them. Counted the turkeys on each card, and write the numbers down on the card.

Counting Pumpkins on Thanksgiving Day Math Activities

Count them and write the number on the right side of the worksheet.

Turkey Color by Number for Thanksgiving Math Activities

One of the kindergarten Thanksgiving math activities is coloring. 

  • Look at the drawing of the turkey. There are some numbers written all over it.
  • You will see that for each number, there is a color code mentioned in the paper.
  • Here comes the most fun part! Color the turkey according to the color code.

Counting Sensory Bin on Thanksgiving Day Math Activity

Scoop the matching cups of stuffing into the pot, using the recipe cards as a guide.

Next, add the corn kernels (vegetable counters), pears (green pompoms), and slices of turkey (ten pattern blocks) to the stove.

In the end, stir the turkey casserole. Play it again after throwing it out.

Thanksgiving Day Recognition Math Symbols Game

Carrots are a simple Thanksgiving feast staple that you can use to help your preschooler become accustomed to number symbols. You can make a plus (+) by crossing two carrots and asking your child to name the resulting math symbol.

Then, angle the carrots to make the multiplication symbol.

Non-Standard Measurement Activity on Thanksgiving Day

In the worksheet, various kinds of turkeys are given in different sizes. Measure their size and write them down.

Pumpkin Pie Fraction Activity on Thanksgiving Day

Provide a worksheet of a variety of pie parts that are all different, and make each pie.

Build an entire pie after matching the fractions and make up a whole.

Turkey Racing Number Line Game for Thanksgiving Math Activities

Identifying the number the dots indicate.

After that, shift the clothespin by that many numbers on the number line. Then it’s your turn to roll the die and move my turkey along the number line.

This continues until one of us is the first to reach the end of the number line.

Thanksgiving Math Activities with Addition Game

This kind of worksheet can easily make a harder problem into an easier one.

The answer is written in the middle part of the turkey’s body, and the addition equation is written in the feathers. Find the correct equation and stick the feather to the correct answer.

Thanksgiving Math Activities with Subtraction Math Games

In this method, do some fun with turkey subtraction games.

  • The answer is written in the middle part of the turkey’s body, and the subtraction equation is written in the feathers.

  • Find the correct equation and stick the feather to the correct answer.

Thanksgiving Riddles

If you need an example of a riddle with a Thanksgiving theme, try this: How many turkey pies do I still have after baking six for the family and only eating two of them?

Identify that there are still four turkey pies if you pay close attention to every word in the riddle.

Thanksgiving Hundreds Chart

The Thanksgiving Hundreds Chart is a colorful grid with numbers 1 through 100 that is shaped like an animal, such as a turkey. Each number has a color code for itself.

Color the numbers according to the color code with the help of this grid. 

Thanksgiving Squares for Math Activities

The puzzle Thanksgiving Squares includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations.

The squares can be modified to meet your child’s needs. It consists of two papers, the first of which features numbers in a box, and the second of which features an image of pumpkins with numbers next to them.

The numbered pumpkin images can be cut out and placed on individual cards. On the first sheet, your child should place a pumpkin card above two numbers whose difference or sum is the same as the number on their card.

Thanksgiving Math Activities for Kindergarten

This worksheet contains different elements. Identify similar elements and color them. Cross the different one.

Turkey Math Activities for Kindergarten

This worksheet provides a cut-and-paste game.

  • Look at the numbers.
  • Some blocks are given the same numbers.
  • Cut and paste them in the appropriate place.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers with worksheets using the concepts of counting, coloring, addition, subtraction, and riddles. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of subtraction, addition, etc.

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