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7 Free Before Numbers Worksheet | Fun Activities

These free before numbers worksheet will help to visualize and understand place value and number system. 1st and 2nd-grade students will learn basic number systems and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable before numbers worksheets.

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7 Free Before Numbers Worksheets

With the aid of the before numbers worksheets, our kids will be able to master fundamental mathematics quickly and actively. Download the following worksheets and practice.

Before Number Worksheet

Counting Practice

Worksheet #1

Use Number Lines

Worksheet #2

Circle the Numbers

Worksheet #3

Numbers up to 20

Worksheet #4

Numbers up to 50

Worksheet #5

Using 100s Chart

Worksheet #6

Tick the Right Ans

Worksheet #7

These before numbers worksheet in pdf format can help our youngsters rapidly and enthusiastically learn the fundamentals of maths.

Before Number Worksheet

These methods should assist your young champion in laying a solid foundation by introducing him or her to the core concepts of understanding mathematical processes. 

Counting Practice in Before Numbers Worksheets

Counting numbers is the first and foremost activity in learning numbers. A number will be given in the worksheet. Your students need to read the given number aloud and then find the before number of the given number. Then, write down the number in the blank space.

Counting Practice in before numbers worksheet

Now download the following PDF and practice more with your kiddos.

Before Numbers Using Number Lines

Your kids will find a number line. A question will be given with every number line. Your students have to answer the questions by using the number lines.

before numbers worksheet using number lines

Now download the following PDF and practice more with your kiddos.

Circle the Number That Is Before

Your children need to circle the numbers of which are before a given number. Help them to find the before numbers of the given numbers from the options and finish the activity.

circle the before number in before numbers worksheet

Now download the following PDF and practice more with your kiddos.

Before Numbers Upto 20

Your children will work to find the before numbers. The before numbers will be up to 20 and will not cross the number 20. This is the first step for kiddos to jump to the next activity.

Before Numbers Upto 50

This activity is just like the former activity. Help them to cope with the activity. Download the following PDF and have fun with your enthusiastic kiddos.

Select Before Numbers from a Hundreds Chart

Here, I have given the hundreds chart. Children should read the hundreds chart carefully. On the next page, questions are given. Your kids from grades 1-3 need to select the numbers to fill the before numbers worksheet from the hundreds chart. Download the following PDF for more practice.

Tick the Correct Sentence and Cross the Wrong One in Before Numbers Worksheets

Here, in this activity, your children need to find the correct and wrong sentences from the given questions. Then, put a tick or a cross mark on the side blank of the sentences if the sentences are correct and wrong sentences respectively. Download the following PDF and practice from the before numbers worksheets.

Put a tick or cross mark in before numbers worksheet

Now download the following PDF and practice more with your kiddos.

Download the PDF

Download the following combined worksheet and enjoy your practice session. 


We’ve discussed before numbers with these before numbers worksheet using the concepts of counting practice, before numbers using number lines, circling the before numbers, before numbers up to 20 and 50, selecting before numbers from a hundred chart, and putting a tick on a correct statement. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of number sense.

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