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These factors of a number worksheets for grades 3 & 4 will help to visualize and understand multiplication. With the aid of our free factors of a number worksheets, 3rd & 4th-grade students will learn the fundamentals of multiplication.

5 Worksheets on Factors of a Number

Download the following worksheets. The buttons represent the different methods of worksheets.

Factors of a Number

Factors up to 50

Worksheet #1

Factors up to 100

Worksheet #2

Prime Factor Trees

Worksheet #3

Factors on a Rainbow

Worksheet #4

MCQ Problems

Worksheet #5

Find the Factors of a Number

Here, you need to find the factors of the provided numbers. Solve the problems one by one. The worksheets are divided into two parts.

Factors of a Number Upto 50

This is the first part of the two worksheets and here, the problems are given up to 50. The first problem is solved for your convenience.


Factors of a Number Upto 100

This is the second part of the worksheet which contains 20 problems. The first problem, you will find, is solved. Follow the steps to find the factors of numbers. Hopefully, this will help you master your mathematical skills.


Prime Factor Trees

This worksheet is provided with 10 prime factor trees. The first problem is done for you. You can see the square-shaped boxes and circles. Write down the first factors in square-shaped boxes. The factors written in square boxes should be factorized one more time. The last factors you will get in the circles and they are the prime factors of that number.


Factors on a Rainbow

10 rainbows are provided in the worksheets and you will find a number mentioned in the first color of the rainbows. All you need to factorize the number and write down the factors in the colors of the rainbow respectively. Hopefully, you will have fun solving the problems.


MCQ on Factors of a Number

In these worksheets, 20 MCQ questions are added and you need to find the correct answer. Then put a tick mark on the right side of the correct answers.


Download the Free PDF

Download the following combined PDF to get the worksheets together. Practice on the worksheets and enhance your child’s mathematical skills.


Here, we’ve discussed factors of a number utilizing the ideas of finding the factors of a number, prime factor trees, factors on a rainbow, and MCQ on factors of a number. Download our free worksheets, and after using them, learners’ arithmetic abilities and comprehension of multiplication will undoubtedly improve.

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